MOTM 2014 Artist Preview: Peelander-Z

Next up in our countdown toward the 2014 Middle Of The Map Festival is intergalactic alien punk warriors Peelander-Z. Under the guise of extraterrestrial rockers, Peelander-Z is made up of three core members – Yellow on Guitar, Red on Bass and Green on drums – though they are backed by Peelander Black on Guitar and have occasional help from Peelander Pink on everything from percussion to vocals. The band has ties to the infamous Kaiju Big Battel performance troupe, so that should be a good indicator of what to expect from them.

A typical Peelander-Z show happens as much on stage as it does out in the crowd and features the band about as much as it features the attendees. Crowd participation is not only heavily encouraged at a Peelander-Z show, it IS the show. It’s not unusual for a typical concert to feature: human bowling, crowd members playing the instruments, attacks on the band by aliens, choreographed wrestling matches, sing-alongs, dance-alongs,¬†and band members crowd surfing, line dancing, hanging from the rafters while performing, walking out into the street while still playing, and a bevy of other activities.

But don’t worry – Peelander-Z’s take on infectious punk rock in the vein of MxPx, NOFX and The Aquabats makes for some of the catchiest live songs that are always easy to learn on the spot so the sing-alongs are never far between one-another. Of course, don’t be surprised if Peelander-Z puts their spin on classic songs such as Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.

The main goal of a Peelander-Z show is for the audience to leave with a giant smile on their face. I have a sneaking suspicion that the Middle Of The Map Fest is just the place for that. Be sure to catch Peelander-Z and get in some bowling, take in some music and get sweaty from dancing, all during the same song!

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