Moon Duo Live in Ravenna Review

Moon Duo has a static-steeped, jam-fueled feel in their live album, Moon Duo: Live in Ravenna. This could be in part due to the addition of a live drummer, which, per their website, happened just in time for their European tour. After a the now trio played a few dates, they seemed to fit well enough together to record a performance.

That’s how the live in Ravenna album came to existence. The seven song set hums with effect-thickened instrumentation and heavily layered vocals. Moon Duo’s studio work has a definitely psychedelic lean. While this aesthetic bent is present in their live show, Moon Duo: Live in Ravenna swerves more to a sonic field dominated by a low-end driven harmonic drone. This, coupled with sparse and fragmented lyrics, brings the feelings hidden under their swells to the foreground.

The live set reaches a pitch in the middle. “Free Action” burns with its hyper-controlled noise ridden haze. The live version of the track is much muddier than its studio version counterpart. The loss of studio crispness (which is replaced by some je-ne-sais-quoi energy that flows through its aural fields).

The lengthening and variations on standard tracks is, like most live albums, a staple for Moon Duo: Live in Ravenna. The album’s tracks always lengthen (sometimes doubling), owing much of their extended times to building jams into climactic swells.

Like many psychedelia-infused records, this one is great to tune into and lose yourself in its heavy drenching landscapes. Definitely a record made for vinyl, Moon Duo: Live in Ravenna sounds like it comes from another time, perhaps the golden dawn of psychedelia or perhaps some future in which sounds are manipulated through a complex loop of machines. Either way or time, Moon Duo’s live album may not have the amazing light shows characteristic of their live sets, but it does faithfully recreates the journey through their energetic and powerful shows. Check it out at Mills Record Company soon because it is a limited edition, one time press run–a must have for any fan.

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