Middle of The Map 2017

In case you missed it, the line-up for Middle of The Map 2017 was announced last night. The three day festival features over 100 bands (national and local) in venues all over the city for an event that is THE music fest in not Kansas City but also the Midwest. And this year, Middle of The Map continues to grow both in terms of number of shows and the names listed. Tickets have gone on sale, so don’t waste another second and go buy them (or waste another second and read about some of the cool artists that will be performing).

Yowza! Now That's a Line Up

Starting with Thursday May Fourth, the festival wastes no time establishing the caliber of musicians that will come together in this city wide event. Whether its the unapologetic indie pop of Lewis Del Mar or the bluesy heaviness of Katy Guillen and the Girls or jazz hip hop fusion of The Phantastics, the first day of Middle of The Map will be a star-studded event.

One of the best things about Middle of The Map is how well it pairs local and national acts so seamlessly. Last year, I got to see Barrel Maker and Ebony Tusks share the stage with Gallant and Vince Staples. I got to see Your Friend play before La Sera. The care both The Record Machine and INK take in curating a fantastic show is unsurpassed and part of what makes Middle of The Map not just another music festival but one of the best.

On Friday, Middle of the Map kicks it into high gear with Jason Isbell, WHY?, and Valley Hush. The juxtaposition between Jason Isbell and WHY? alone shows the breadth of styles that will be represented in these three days. May 5th also features a slew of great local acts that will tickle any fancy. Rachel Mallin & The Wild Type, Momma’s Boy, Instant Karma, and Spirit is The Spirit are just a few bands that will be playing the festival.

Last year, I was blown away by how many hip hop acts were represented in. This year, that trend continues. But what’s more is that Middle of The Map is beginning to have heavier acts perform–something that makes the festival truly inclusive of every aesthetic. Bands like 34, Hyborian, and The Widow’s Ride bring the punishment to the festival in the best ways. As I implied at the beginning of this, Middle of The Map constantly tries to push itself to represent all genres, and that, I feel, is the core of its strength. Whether you make punk, pop, hip hop, or noise, if you’re at the top of your game, then you’ll find a spot at Middle of The Map.

May sixth culminates with De La Soul. The hip hop giants have pushed the genre more than anyone else in or out of the game. The most recent album, The Anonymous Nobody, shows the outfit at their strongest point yet. De La Soul is the type of group that has influenced generations of hip hop fans and generations of non-hip hop fans alike. Make no mistake, seeing these guys is a must for any music lover out there.

And these are just a few of the acts that will be taking stages across midtown, downtown, and the crossroads. Middle of The Map 2017 is poised to be one of the best iterations of this festival. The event brings together Kansas City and its long history of music. Get your tickets today!

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