Midcoast Takeover Fundraiser #1 at recordBar

Looking for some last-minute local music fun tonight? Check out the Midcoast Takeover Fundraiser taking place at the recordBar, featuring Me Like Bees, Outsides, and more.


Every year the Midwest Music Foundation raises money to take handfuls of local bands to play at the monstrous SXSW Music Festival in Austin, Texas; dubbed, the Midcoast Takeover. To raise money, a series of shows featuring some top KC artists takes place. And that is starting tonight – Saturday, January 11.

Two series of shows are going on tonight, the early show, and the late show, both of which are 18 & up.
Early Show: Doors at 5:30, $5
Rock and Roll High School at 6:30

Late Show: Doors at 9:15, $10
Middle Twin at 9:45

Me Like Bees at 10:30

at 11:15

Heartfelt Anarchy at 12:15

Get in to both shows for only $12. Check it out, eat some food, support local music.

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