MidCoast Takeover 2017: Send ‘Em To Austin

It’s that time of year: the fog is burning off the horizon before noon, the ground is thinking about turning green again, and music festivals are starting to pop up in our Facebook feeds. One of those festivals should be The MidCoast Takeover. Sitting squarely in its seventh year, The MidCoast Takeover is a four-day two stage show in Austin that features some of the best acts in Kansas City, Lawrence, and throughout the Midwest.

But it costs money for musicians to get down to the weirdest city in Texas, so the Midwest Music Foundation is throwing a fundraiser to help The Phantastics, Jessica Paige, Vigil & Thieves, and Momma’s Boy do just that. With help fromĀ a slew of Kansas City sponsors, a fundraising show featuring the above bands will takeover recordBar for a night to remind us of our vibrant music scene and to prove why it needs to be shared with the world.

If you haven’t heard or seen The Phantastics take the stage, you should change that immediately. The Kansas City group fuses funk, jazz, hip hop, and psychedelic soul to make music that perfectly balances visceral grooves and heady rhythms. Backing the dueling vocalists, the live soul jazz band splits the difference between an aural space for lyrics to wax poetic and fully enveloping psychedelic freak outs.

Taking a different approach to music, Jessica Paige’s arrangements are swelling pop country anthems. The singer songwriter’s voice adds a powerful element to her songs–soaring through her acoustic guitar lines with not only a confidence but hook filled sensibility as well. With songs that stay in the mind for days, Jessica Paige makes music that stuns its listeners with its crystalline beauty and entices them with its warmth.

Vigil & Thieves rolls together alternative, grrl rock, indie pop, and rock to for tracks that bounce and jitter. The four piece burns through their music with a passion that is palpable both in their recordings and stage show. Their songs are full of catchy hooks and odd turns. Bringing back the sound of mid-aughts post-hardcore and post-emo, Vigil & Thieves are a band that might be saving the type of indie not predicated on a haze of self-consciousness.

Riding the pipeline of surf rock guitar lines and garage-y solos, Momma’s Boy has quickly become a force to reckon with in Kansas City. Their tone-filled bass lines babble under screaming leads and uber-catchy vocal melodies–making for a sound that is as infectious coming through headphones as it is pouring out of a PA. If you haven’t caught these guys doing what they do best, then you should change that, preferably this Saturday.


Whether you’re a fan of soul funk inspired hip hop, moody singer songwriter pop, heated rock, or surf revival, there will be something for you at recordBar this Saturday. Support local and help these wonderful bands get down to Austin to show them what we got.

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