Manor Fest 2 Sneak Peek 2

Last week, I wrote about a few of the acts that will be playing Manor Fest 2. From blues to hip hop, indie pop to unadulterated rock, the two day festival operating out of a house in Shawnee Mission will feature music that will couple perfectly with the laid back summer vibes. Manor Fest is happening this weekend, is free, and is the perfect way to catch some of the best musicians in Kansas City and the surrounding areas.

Rachel Mallin & The Wild Type, turning from quartet to five piece, is seemingly finding a more solidly defined sound. While their first EP, Persistence of Vision, did show songwriting acutely aware of all the different trends in indie pop, it also seemed a bit rough. In their second EP, Degenerate Matters, the band seems to have more chemistry and a more defined idea of what aesthetic they want to project. Both instrumentally and lyrically, Rachel Mallin & The Wild Type have matured between these EPs—displaying a slow realization of the potential their first singles hinted at.

Spirit is The Spirit takes the juiciest and most immediate aspects of psych-tinged indie pop and rigs it to their skillfully crafted hooks. The Lawrence outfit does well to negotiate the straits between full-fledged psychedelia and radio-friendly pop. The band takes the best qualities of each and mixes them to create a sound that is more than the sum of their parts. Coupling the quality of their recorded material, Spirit is The Spirit recreates their infectious melodies on stage while putting on a live show that is full of heat. One of the most fun bands to catch live, Spirit is The Spirit is a force either on stage or on record.

Though a relatively new band, Momma’s Boy knows how to make music. Drawing equally from the laid back vibes of Mac Demarco and Twin Peaks and from the intense builds of Foals and The Strokes, the Kansas City four piece writes songs that vacillate between fuzz-fueled riffs and saccharine vocal melodies. In less skilled hands, this vacillation would make for music that satisfied neither camp, but Momma’s Boy has the talent to snap these pieces together to make not only compelling jams but also songs that beg to be repeated.

Using 50’s pop and blues structures as a base to their sound, Toughies innovate on these moves to create songs that are timeless. Wafting between energetic builds and introspective interludes, the Lawrence band strikes a balance that shows their skill at writing songs that are complex and varied without losing their immediacy. Combining this aesthetic with a live show that is pure fun, Toughies’ incendiary leads whip the crowd into a frenzy while their slick and plumbing rhythm section cools things down. Definitely not a band to miss, Toughies are sure to be a hit at Manor Fest 2.

Catch these bands and more this weekend at Manor Fest 2. The weekend festival is free and will showcase some of the most talented artists in the area currently. Whether you’re into saccharine indie pop or bass-heavy hip hop, Manor Fest 2 will have at least one act that will satisfy even the most picky of music lovers.

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