Man Made aka Nile Marr and His New Soundcloud Album TV Broke My Brain

Just about a week ago, U.K. singer/songwriter Nile Marr released an album under the name Man Made. The soundcloud only album TV Broke My Brain has already garnered 10,000+ listens in just over a week; however, the project is notable for another reason. Nile is the son of the venerable Johnny Marr, founding member of the Smiths and recent member of Modest Mouse. Even though children of celebrities are a dime a dozen these days, Nile’s project Man Made is for real and his little to nothing to do with his father’s musical legacy.

Despite extensive touring the project has flown low on the internet radar so far, but it’s currently building a noticeable buzz. TV Broke My Brain is a ten track release that takes the best of Britpop and post-punk, and mixes in the finer elements of 90s power-pop without every sounding derivative. Highlights include the opening title track, which skirts the line between the moodier material of Interpol and the spirited qualities of second wave emo. Nile’s earnest and youthful vocals, at times reminiscent of Matthew Sweet, serve as the focal point of each track. Other songs like “Nobody’s Dreaming,” “Everything We Miss” and “Slowdance” lean more obviously towards a plaintive take on Britpop, while  ”All Mine” offers a more nuanced interpretation of power-pop. 

Stateside press hasn’t fully caught on to Man Made, but look for Nile Marr’s endeavor to start being picked up by other music outlets soon. For more info on the project, check out the recent interview and live session (below) Nile Marr did with Exposed, a Sheffield UK entertainment magazine.

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