Local Week: Keef Mountain

There is not a sound system big enough to contain the riff wizardry that is Keef Mountain. The Kansas City duo makes some of the hardest hitting, stony songs this side of the Mason-Dixon. Their self-titled debut on The Company is chock-full of riff worship, pummeling beats, and addled lyrics–the makings of a perfect stoner metal album.

Beginning with the track, “Green Wizard,” Keef Mountain dives right into the undeniable sludge fest that is Keef Mountain. “Green Wizard” is swollen with distortion and wall-away guitar fills. Add a touch of cymbal-heavy percussion to the mix, and you’ve got the makings of a doomy masterpiece. Plus, with lyrics like “take a dab of devil’s blood” and “sorcery of the tree,” the track welds together stoner metal and dad-level punnage for a wonderful tonal juxtaposition.


The duo consistently moves through their riffs with ears tuned to the right mix of sludge and speed. From start to finish, Keef Mountain moves between grinding rolls and lazing drones with ease. That these tones are brought together in a single album (and often in a single song) so seamlessly gives the album an astronomical amount of surprise. Every musical phrase of the record carries the possibility of shifting registers, keeping whoever is listening on the edge of their seat.

And this knack for weaving tension into their songs hits a high point in “Resin Lung.” Acting as a lynchpin between the speedy track “The Ascent” and the exceptionally doomy “Hendog,” “Resin Lung” flows like a song summoned directly from the demonic realms. Cthonic and turgid, the track billows with a heaviness that explodes into a speedy end.

The album ends with the near psychedelic track “Higher Realms.” More jittery than most of the tracks that precede it, “Higher Realms” ends Keef Mountain with an incredible amount of energy. Whereas most murky stoner metal albums trail off into the slough of their on riffs, Keef Mountain pushes through the haze to end on a strong note. “Higher Realms,” while an older song from the duo’s back catalogue,” fits both the texture and scope of the rest of the material on their self-titled.

Keef Mountain is one of those albums that hits hard and keeps its pacing right from start to finish. While not the quickest moving metal, the record has a murk to it that entices as it envelops its listener. Perfect for dropping out to or filling an afternoon with half-ton riffage, Keef Mountain is a great example of stoner metal–something both the newly anointed and long-time riff worshipper can feast upon. The album’s test presses are currently on sale on The Company‘s website. Stay tuned for when they hit your local record joint.

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