Local Showcase: The Noise FM

Okay, technically The Noise FM now lives in Chicago. But the duo had its beginning in Lawrence, and the Kansas town’s psy-pop sheen stays close to the band’s aesthetic. From their earliest release to their latest, Attraction, the band has crafted well-structured songs that leave little out.

Attraction bubbles with a sexuality that has all the slink and shimmer of a noir universe. The songs oscillate between brooding mysticism and frustrated but realized desire. A good example of the latter is the second track of the album “Crooked Smile.” The song pops with an 80s-esque amalgamation of popping drums and thin guitars.

A complement to the above track (and an example of The Noise FM’s brooding mysticism) is “Keep Me in The Dark.” The song’s mixture of speedy ringing synths and jolting guitars with lyrics that jump between insult and praise within the same breath creates a mash of tones that makes the song deeper than average pop while keeping all the classic trappings of the genre.

Their previous releases stay within the same vein, but there is a definite evolution that can be traced from 2008′s Dream of the Attack and 2014′s Attraction. Each album builds on the other and creates songs that are better and better. Combining their burgeoning songwriting talent with a live show that will fill a venue, The Noise FM is an act to watch (if you’re not already). If you aren’t, then the first Saturday in December will be a chance to catch them.

The Noise FM will be playing The Riot Room with French Horn Rebellion, a Brooklyn-based dance-pop duo who sound like Slow Magic and We Are Scientists had a baby with synthesizer arms and shutter-shade eyes. The two will play off each other well–French Horn Rebellion being the sunshine through The Noise FM’s shade.

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