Live Tonight: Week of October 20th – October 26th: Spooky Scary Skeletons

That is all. Go see some killer shows this week.

Monday, October 20th

mc chris with MC Lars, Spose at The Granada 8 PM $15

Ah, nerdcore. It may have taken the backburner in relevancy over the past few years – but rest assured it is still there. mc chris has been the face of this niche slice of hip-hop for years now, but one could argue it’s MC Lars that invented/coined the term. To see these two nerdy titans finally on tour with each other is a sight to behold. Guaranteed to be a fun time.

Ryan Adams with Butch Walker at Uptown Theater 8 PM $40

Vacationer with Brick + Mortar at Riot Room 8 PM $15

Soulfly with Lantern Hill Nightmare, In The Shadow, Greed Kill$ at Aftershock 6:30 PM $20

Bad Rabbits at Record Bar 9 PM $15

Tuesday, October 21st

Turquoise Jeep at Record Bar 10 PM $12

Either you love the greatest hip-hop group of all time, or you’ve never listened to Turquoise Jeep. The Jeep is a collective of hip-hop/R&B musicians led by the enigmatic Flynt Flossy that have been blowing up social media for years and have been getting rave reviews for their live shows/insane parties all over the country. The can’t-miss show of the year. KTJR!

Judas Priest with Steel Panther at The Midland 8 PM $65

SBTRKT at Liberty Hall 8 PM $25

Saintseneca with Busman’s Holiday, Invisible Public Library at Replay Lounge 10 PM $3

Stitches with Loogey at The Riot Room 8 PM $15

The Last Glacier with The Perfect Pursuit, Killing Gannon, Pyridial at Czar Bar 8 PM $5

Wednesday, October 22nd

Mastodon with Gojira, Kvelertak at The Uptown 7:30 PM $26

It’s this writer’s humble opinion that Mastodon is the greatest band making music right now – at least on the heavy metal side of things. Their latest album, Once More ‘Round The Sun, is a continuation of their absolutely brilliant 2011 album The Hunter. The quartet has been at the top of their game for a few years now and they show no signs of slowing any time soon. Opening are the equally as impressive French progressive maniacs Gojira and the best live band you’ll ever see AKA Norway’s Kvelertak.

Straight No Chaser at The Midland 8 PM $37.50

Burger Records Caravan Of Stars Tour Feat. Together Pangea, Mozes & The Firstborn + more at Record Bar 9:30 PM $10

Carswell & Hope with Scott Schumann, David Kretsinger, Spencer Mackenzie Brown at Czar Bar 8 PM $5

Radio Moscow with Ready Astronaut at Riot Room 8 PM $12

Thursday, October 23rd

The Atlas Moth with The Proselyte, Amenaza, Keef Mountain, Canyons at Czar Bar 8 PM $10

Quietly making an impressive name for themselves, atmospheric sludge/stoner metal group The Atlas Moth is touring on the strength of their recently released third album The Old Believer. They’ve only been a band for 7 years, but the soundscapes they create have already solidified their place in the annals of extreme music history. The Proselyte and a bevy of amazing local acts open this show at the Czar Bar on Thursday.

Jason Boland and The Stragglers with Mike and the Moonpies at The Granada 9 PM $15

Susan Boyle at The Midland 7:30 PM $37.50

Walk The Moon at Record Bar 7 PM $5

Charlie Parr with Arthur Dodge at Replay Lounge 10 PM $3

Friday, October 24th

Agent Orange with The Architects, Stiff Middle Fingers at The Bottleneck 9 PM $16

There’s not much you can say about Agent Orange that hasn’t been espoused for over three decades now – a classic, influential, menacing punk band. They laid the groundwork for lots of bands that came after them and continue to blaze new paths today. The Architechts and Stiff Middle Fingers open, so really you have no reason not to attend.

Ani DiFranco with Jenny Scheinman at Uptown Theater 8 PM $35

Flyleaf with Lullwater, Ryan White at The Granada 8 PM $20

G-Mo Skee at Riot Room 7 PM $7

David Hasselhoff On Acid with Jorge Arana Trio, Existem, Cartographer, Nick Evans at Riot Room 8 PM $10

Saturday, October 25th

Today Is The Day with Iron Reagan, Torn The Fuck Apart at Riot Room 8 PM $15

An experimental noise/grindcore band, a B-movie powerviolence band, and an unabashed death metal band – a diverse lineup that somehow goes together well despite all the differences in sounds. Today Is The Day is a legendary, influential group with ties to bands like Mastodon, Lamb of God and Circle Of Dead Children who have been making audial terrorism for over 20 years now. Iron Reagan is the lovechild of Municipal Waste, Darkest Hour and Mammoth Grinder that has resulted in some of the best, aggressive crossover/powerviolence in years. Opening the show is KC’s own murderous Torn The Fuck Apart. Too good to pass up.

Iceage with Helm at Jackpot Saloon 7 PM $?

The Hood Internet at The Botteneck 9 PM $15

Maps For Travellers with World Record, Deadron Coward at Record Bar 10 PM $7

Sunday, October 26th

Minnesota with Jackal, G. Jones at The Granada 9 PM $18

Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness with Hunter Hunted at The Uptown 7:30 PM $32.25

Red Velvet Crush with City of the Weak, The Perfect Pursuit, Crush at Riot Room 7 PM $5

xxxy with Sheppa at Riot Room 9 PM $5

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