Live Tonight: Week of November 10th – November 16th: DANCE!

It’s time to dance! Whether it’s line-dancing to Aaron Watson on Friday, slam dancing to Eyehategod on Wednesday, or whatever craziness they come up with during Peelander-Z on Monday, this week is perfect for dancing your troubles away! Quick – before the snow comes in and traps us all inside for 4 months: DANCE!

Monday, November 10th

Peelander-Z with Stiff Middle Fingers, Coitus at Record Bar 9 PM $10

There really is no way to explain how much fun and legendary every single Peelander-Z performance is. If you’ve seen them – you know. If not: maybe some of these videos can show you the kind of unforgettable craziness that happens at these shows. Part punk rock, part anime giant robots, part Japanese wrestling – all insane. Stiff Middle Fingers and Coitus open, making it well worth your time and money to attend the funnest show of the year.

The Maxies at Riot Room 7 PM $10

Smallpools with Magic Man, Waters at The Granada 7 PM $10

Hollow Wood at The Bottleneck 8 PM $11

Tuesday, November 11th

Raven with Night Demon, Meatshank, Alsatia at Riot Room 8 PM $10

Blazing their own path for 40 years, British heavy/speed metal titans Raven return to Kansas City to melt everyone’s faces. In fact, Raven has been a force in heavy metal for so long, Metallica at one point opened shows for them! Good old-fashioned heavy/speed metal for the metalhead inside everyone. Exciting up-and-coming metal band Night Demon is direct support, along with the always great Meatshank and Alsatia opening!

Jucifer with Hot & Ugly at Replay Lounge 10 PM $3

New Politics with Bad Suns, Somekindawonderful at The Granada 7 PM $20

Chadwick Stokes with Ark Life at The Bottleneck 9 PM $16

Night Terrors Of 1927 with White Girl at Record Bar 9:30 PM $10

Wednesday, November 12th

Eyehategod with Keef Mountain, Ignis Gratis, Leering Heathens at The Riot Room 8 PM $15

Celebrating their 26th year of existence, the legendary sludge/doom act Eyehategod makes a rare area appearance on Wednesday to terrorize everybody in Kansas City. Extremely volatile, abrasive and influential, Eyehategod has mixed the grooves of southern heavy metal with the punk disgustingness from the crust/d-beat scene of the late 80s. Their latest self-titled album might be their heaviest yet. A legendary band for sure. Amazing opening bands as well.

Black Veil Brides with Falling In Reverse, Set It Off, Drama Club at Uptown Theater 7 PM $32

I-Wayne with Black Am I, New Riddim at Record Bar 9 PM $15

Twiddle with Mister F at The Bottleneck 9 PM $11

Thursday, November 13th

Listener with The Homeless Gospel Choir, Bears & Company, Trapper, Savannah at Jackpot 6 PM $10

Gazelle Twin with RLT, Human Traffic, Sheppa at Riot Room 8 PM $5

Friday, November 14th

All Them Witches with The Well, Scruffy and The Janitors at Riot Room 8 PM $10

Supremely heavy stoner rock/metal coming off a huge tour opening for Windhand. Get simultaneously bashed over the head with a dozen bricks whilst boogying your ass off to the music. It’s not easy to represent heavy and catchy equally, but All Them Witches does it easily. Opening is The Well and KC’s new favorite band, Scruffy and The Janitors.

TTNG with Emma Ruth Rundle, Mylets at Jackpot 7 PM $10

Joe Bonamassa at The Midland 8 PM $90

Aaron Watson at The Granada 8 PM $15

Chase Rice with Michael Ray at Uptown Theater 8 PM $30

The Sound of Urchin with Deadman Flats at Replay Lounge 10 PM $3

SwitchHitter with Blue Boot Hellers, Red Kate, Orange DoeNuts at Vandal’s 9 PM $5

Saturday, November 15th

The Wytches with The Sluts, El Ray-Tones at Riot Room 7:30 PM $10

High Diving Ponies LAST SHOW with Diviner, Black On Black at Replay Lounge 10 PM $3

The Grisly Hand with The Union Suits at The Brick 7 PM $?

Sunday, November 16th

Modern Baseball with Foxing, Crying, Somos at The Granada 7 PM $14

Modern Baseball is one of the most popular up-and-coming bands in the pop punk/emo/melodic hardcore revival that is hitting its stride right now. Coupling intense personal lyrics with shout-along songwriting, this folk-ish take on pop punk is both refreshing and infectious. Along for the ride are Foxing, Crying and Somos.

Horse Feathers with Sara Jackson-Holman at the Bottleneck 9 PM $13

Ty Dolla $ign with Nemo, Stunna, Adrian Truth at Riot Room 9 PM $25

White Girl with Be/Non, RHUNES, RLT at Record Bar 8 PM $7

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