Live Tonight: Week of May 9th – May 15th: New Radiohead Edition

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Middle of the Map Fest 2016 concluded last week and what an amazing entry into this annual festival it was. Tons of amazing local and national/international music descending on Kansas City for a 4-day weekend of chaos. Good thing you can take a few days to unwind and take real life back in – NO WAIT, RADIOHEAD RELEASED THEIR NEW ALBUM WITHOUT WARNING! GO LISTEN TO IT RIGHT NOW, WHY ARE YOU STILL READING THIS?! There are some awesome shows this week but THE NUMBER ONE PRIORITY RIGHT NOW IS RADIOHEAD!

Monday, May 9th

HMPH! with Lover Gurl, Bacon Shoe at miniBar 10 PM $5

Must Be The Holy Ghost with Via Luna, Redder Moon, Mars Lights at Riot Room 8:30 PM $8

Tuesday, May 10th

Hate Eternal with Vital Remains, Black Fast, Inanimate Existence, Marasmus, Numerals, Mercurial at The Aftershock 6 PM $16

Get your death metal fix here – while taking a small break from the new Radiohead, obviously – with a some old-school mainstays, some up-and-coming youngsters and some of the area’s finest. Make Tuesdays metal again!


Soulfly with Suffocation, Battlecross, Abnormality, Lody Kong at Riot Room 6 PM $25

Wednesday, May 11th

Night Demon with Visigoth, Young Bull, Vanlade at Riot Room 8:30 PM $10

Night 2 of 2 for heavy metal goodness – this time a bit for the more old-school crowd. Like Iron Maiden? Judas Priest? Shredding guitar solos over soaring vocals? This is the show for you. Bang your head!

Bring Me The Horizon with ’68, Silver Snakes at The Midland 7 PM $30

Har Mar Superstar at The Bottleneck 9 PM $16

Tortoise at The Granada 9 PM $25

Bud Bronson & The Good Timers with Varma Cross, Four Arm Shiver at Replay Lounge 10 PM $3

Thursday, May 12th

Unknown Mortal Orchestra at The Bottleneck 9 PM $15

Real Adults with Youth Pool at Replay Lounge 10 PM $3

Slick Rick at Riot Room 8 PM $25

Friday, May 13th

77 Jefferson with Eddie Moore & The Outer Circle at Riot Room 8 PM $10

Homebody with Chris Meck & The Guilty Birds (CD Release Show!), Nicholas St. James at Replay Lounge 10 PM $3

Saturday, May 14th

The Beach Boys at The Midland 6:30 PM $50

It’s the Beach Boys. Do I really need to say anything else?

Mayer Hawthorne at The Granada 9 PM $25

34 Album Release Show with Bummer, Sharp Weapons, Conflicts at Riot Room 8:30 PM $7

Vanlade with Alsatia, Wuzz, Death May Die at Davey’s Uptown 8 PM $8





















Mills Record Company Official K-Pop Video For The Week Of May 9th:


Spring Into Summer Fest feat. The Conquerors, Spirit Is The Spirit, Approach and more at Replay Lounge 5 PM $cheap

Sunday, May 15th

Peter Frampton at Uptown Theater 8 PM $45

Call Me Bronco with Monzie Brummet, Colin Halliburton at Replay Lounge 5 PM $3


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