Live Tonight: Week of June 6th – June 12th: Happy International Day of Slayer!

int day of slayer

June 6th every year, as everyone knows, is International Slayer Day. It’s a joyous, festive celebration of all things Slayer, including (but not limited to) blaring Slayer albums as loud as possible for 24 straight hours, carving Slayer’s logo into any surface you can find and generally just being as awesome as possible. Slayer is love, Slayer is life: Slayer would want you to go to some shows this week. Hanneman bless you.


Monday, June 6th

Go eat some tacos and chill out today.

Tuesday, June 7th

Goya with Merlin, Custom Black at Replay Lounge 10 PM $3

Get stoned and doomed to death with Goya, brought back to life by the mystical Merlin and your face melted by Custom Black. The best Tuesday you’ll experience – and for cheap!

Macklemore at The Midland 8 PM $Too Much

Wednesday, June 8th

Pierce the Veil with I The Mighty, Movements at The Granada 7 PM $28

Moving Units with The Coyote, Various Blonde, HMPH at Riot Room 8:30 PM $10

The Loop Crew at Riot Room Patio 10 PM $5

Thursday, June 9th

Shy Boys with Warm Bodies, Chasm at Replay Lounge 10 PM $3

Dressy Bessy with Cave Girls, The New Baboons at miniBar 9:30 PM $7

The Stillborn & Shots Fired Reunion Show with 34, The Soiled Doves at Riot Room 8:30 PM $7

Friday, June 10th

Gnarly Davidson with The Everymen, Varma Cross at Replay Lounge 10 PM $3

Brit Floyd at The Midland 8 PM $40

Saturday, June 11th

Venom, Inc. with Necrophagia, Sacred Leather, Nevalra at Riot Room 8:30 PM $20

Venom was the quintessential underground heavy metal act in the 80s. Influencing everyone from Metallica and Slayer to entire genres built around their sound, Venom’s influence cannot be understated. Venom, Inc. is original Venom guitarist Mantas and original Venom drummer Abaddon alolng with Demolition Man, Venom’s bassist/vocalist from 1989 to 1992. Playing all the classics the “normal” Venom would never dream about playing, Venom, Inc. features more original members of Venom than the “real” Venom does right now. You will not be disappointed.

Sunday, June 12th

Modern Baseball with Joyce Manor, Thin Lips at The Granada 7:30 PM $20

Fresh off the release of their third full-length album Holy Ghost, Modern Baseball brings their brand of indie rock/acoustic/pop punk to the Granada for a show that’s sure to be full of sing-alongs and dancing. Heavy indie punkers Joyce Manor open, along with Thin Lips.

A$AP Ferg and Tory Lanez at The Midland 8 PM $30

Kevin Morby at Riot Room 8:30 PM $12




















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