Live Tonight: Week Of July 21st – July 27th: Legendary!

Everyone has that one legendary band they’ve seen. Whether it was Radiohead or Iron Maiden at the Sprint Center, The Arcade Fire or The Black Keys at a small venue, or even an upcoming show that’ll turn out legendary, like Jack White or Judas Priest at the Midland. And if you don’t – there’s a couple this week to get you started on some starstruck concert memories: Jurassic 5! Gary Clark Jr.! Bruce Hornsby! 7 Seconds! Slash! Cappadonna! Its all here, you just have to make a choice!

Monday, July 21st

Primitive Man with Hexis, Canyons at Davey’s Uptown 8 PM $7

Kick off your week with some of the heaviest, lethargic, crushing and in-your-face music known to man. Primitive Man’s “Scorn” album last year still stands as one of the most extreme underground metal albums in recent years, and their live show amazingly equals it pound-for-pound. These small shows from them will be legendary in a few years. Hexis opens, along with amazing local act Canyons.

Akkiles with The Papers and Westerners at Czar Bar 8:30 PM $7

Greys with Black on Black and Westerners at Replay 6 PM $3

Tuesday, July 22nd

Gary Clark Jr. with Nick Moss Band at Crossroads 8 PM $31.50

The future of the blues is here! Despite only being 30 years old, Gary Clark Jr. has already solidified himself in the long and storied history of the blues with his soulful voice, scratchy guitar licks and undeniably catchy songwriting. You couldn’t get this kind of blues experience in a better way unless you had a time machine. For fans of everyone from Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughn to Jack White and The Black Keys.

Keef Mountain with White Light Cemetery, Wicked Inquisition, Merlin at Czar Bar 8 PM $7

Meg Myers with We Are Voices at Riot Room 7 PM Sold Out!

New Edition at Arvest Bank Theatre at The Midland 7 PM $39.50

Wednesday, July 23rd

Jurassic 5 with Dilated Peoples and Beat Junkies at Crossroads 7:30 PM $30

Jurassic 5 is one of those bands that never really seemed to go away, and for good reason. Classic hip-hop in every sense of the word, this supergroup helped launch the careers of big names in hip-hop such as Chali 2na and Cut Chemist. Thawed from a deepfreeze of hip-hop’s golden age, expect lots of jazz-samples and Funky Drummer-beats for a night of hip-hop bliss. Opening is another criminally underrated classic hip-hop group in Dilated Peoples. Hip-hop show of the year?

El Ten Eleven with Kodak to Graph at Record Bar 10 PM $12

Hayes Carll at Knuckleheads 8 PM $18

The Sky Above And The Earth Below with Celebration, Lion House and Ocean’s Atlas at Art Closet Studios 7:30 PM $5

Trapt with The Veer Union, Arcane Saints, Letters From The Fire and Restraint at Aftershock 6:30 PM $15

George Tandy Jr. with Reach at Czar Bar 7:30 PM $12

The Bad Ideas with Spacewaster and Rimjob at Davey’s Uptown 9 PM $5

Thursday, July 24th

Mutilation Rites with Hexer and Yapool at The Bottleneck 9 PM $?

Black metal purists might not be happy at New York City these past few years pumping out USBM bands that are pushing the envelope forward for the genre, but Mutilation Rites might just be the flagship group for this regional scene that’s quickly spreading its influence. Mixing an atmospheric take of classic black metal coupled with the blast beats and shrieking vocals we all know and love, Mutilation Rites is garnering praise from the underground as well as the mainstream – not an easy feat to accomplish.

Red Velvet Crush with Dellacoma, Dead Man’s Hand and Freakabout! at Riot Room 8 PM $5

Miniature Tigers with The Griswolds at Jackpot 9 PM $10

Wild Ponies at Davey’s Uptown 8 PM $12

Patrick Sweany with The Problems and Uncountable Kings at Czar Bar 8 PM $10

Major Games with Melting Point of Bronze and Gnarly Davidson at Replay Lounge 10 PM $3

Friday, July 25th

7 Seconds with The Copyrights and Iron Guts Kelly at Czar Bar 7:30 PM $15

Here’s a treat. How often do you get the chance to see a band that helped form a legendary counter-culture music genre? 7 Seconds is one of the first bands in history to call themselves a “hardcore” band and is right up there along with Black Flag and Bad Brains for influential US punk bands. They also played a big part in the straight edge movement and the “positive hardcore” movement all those years ago. But all that aside – the music is what matters. This is some of the most aggressive-yet-catchy punk music the US has produced ever. Legendary is an understatement for this show!

Masked Intruder with Drop A Grand and Deco Auto at Vandal’s 8 PM $7

Pageantry with Alien Jones and Guardienne at Riot Room 8 PM $10

Cappadonna (of Wu-Tang Clan) with Brief at Riot Room 10 PM $12

The Floozies with Manic Focus, Exmag, Late Night Radio, and Purusa at Crossroads 7 PM $17.50

Saturday, July 26th

Claire & The Crowded Stage with Bearing Torches, Ali Holder & Christy Hays at Record Bar 9:30 PM $7

Slash with Myles Kennedy & The Conspiracy at VooDoo Lounge 7 PM $38

Max Frost with The Latenight Callers at Riot Room 8 PM $10

Pat Metheny Unity Group with Bruce Hornsby at Crossroads 8 PM $40

Pilot For A Day with The Summit and Get Busy Living at The Granada 7 PM $10

Sunday, July 27th

Touche Amore with Sad Armour at The Granada 7 PM $12

Making a name for yourself through constant touring is one thing, but to tour almost non-stop for years at a time while releasing two almost instant classic albums and establishing a genre around those releases is a bit more tricky than it seems – luckily Touche Amore is up to that challenge. Maybe the frontrunner band for the recent emo/post-hardcore revival in the past few years, Touche Amore really hasn’t taken a break from touring. Luckily for us, a Lawrence or Kansas City date is never far away. One of the best live shows you’ll ever see – juts be prepared to get jumped on.

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah with Alex Ounsworth and Mat Shoare at Riot Room 7:30 PM $15

Old Gray with Scowler, Place Called Home, Emo Side Project, Boy Parts and Not Like Igor at Art Closet Studios 7:30 PM $8


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