Live Tonight: Week of January 26th – February 1st: Superb Owl Edition!

superb owl

Here it is – the one time everyone looks forward to Sunday: the Superb Owl! (You know…that game that we can’t use the name of without risking being sued.) Better brush up on all your sportsball rules and references and stock up on Beenee Weenees, put some Cold Ones on ice, and root for the Chiefs! Erm, wait. The Chiefs aren’t in it? Then who cares? Go see some shows this week instead.

Monday, January 26th

Carousel Kings with Survay Says, Freshman 15, Everybody Run, Hazing, Get Busy Living at Jackpot Saloon 6 PM $12

What better way to kick off the week than some good old-fashioned pop punk? Carousel Kings tops the bill of young up-and-comers in the pop punk scene, including the ska-influenced Survay Says, the refreshingly upbeat Freshman 15, the surprisingly heavy Everybody Run, and awesome locals Hazing and Get Busy Living! Time to mosh!

John Doe & His Band with Jesse Dayton at Knucklehead’s 8 PM $20

Tuesday, January 27th

John Doe & His Band with Jesse Dayton at The Bottleneck 8 PM $19

Is there really an introduction needed here? John Doe is the bassist/vocalist of the legendary pioneering punk/alternative band X who have released genre-defining albums and songs. Now he’s doing his own thing – that should be more than enough to get you to the Bottleneck on Tuesday (or Knucklehead’s on Monday!)

Seether with Kyng, Islander at The Midland 8 PM $33

Luke Redfield with Margo May at Record Bar 9:30 PM $7

Bohannons with Death Valley Wolf Riders, Bad Wheels, ElectroPossums at Riot Room 8 PM $7

Wednesday, January 28th

Black Belt Society (Dom Chronicles + GEN the Assassin) at Record Bar 10 PM $8

Herbalize with The Specialists at Davey’s Uptown 8 PM

Thursday, January 29th

Eagle Claw with Melting Point of Bronze, Mischief of Rats at The Bottleneck 9 PM

Time to get heavy. Eagle Claw is ultra heavy instrumental metal that will blow your mind. Think of Black Cobra, Baroness, Earthless, Karma to Burn and more when you listen to them. If any of that sounds enticing, you can’t miss them at the Bottleneck in Lawrence on Thursday!

Wet One with Drugs & Attics at Mills Record Company 7 PM $FREE

Levi Parham with Scott Schumann, Margo May, The Blackbird Revue at Riot Room 8 PM $7

Friday, January 30th

Sara Egan with Adam Lee & Friends at Davey’s Uptown 8:30 PM $10

CS Luxem with No Cave, Redder Moon at Replay Lounge 10 PM $3

Truckstop Honeymoon at The Bottleneck 9 PM

Black Luck with Morningglories, Bottle Breakers at The Jackpot 9:30 PM

Freedom Sounds Collective with DJ Rico at Record Bar 10 PM $10

Saturday, January 31st

Katy Guillen & The Girls with Grisly Hand at Knucklehead’s 8 PM $10

Two of Kansas City’s brightest and best local bands converge on one stage for one night only! Okay, maybe not one night only, but this is so cool that it feels like a once-in-a-lifetime event! This might be the catchiest concert performed in 2015 so far! And at Knucklehead’s, one of the best local venues? You better believe it’s going to rule.

The Bad Ideas with Idiot Box, C-Rex, The Sex Offenders at Vandal’s 9 PM $5

Mountain Sprout at Davey’s 7:30 PM $12

Randy Rogers Band at Uptown Theater 8 PM $20

Hembree with Ebony Tusks, Paper Buffalo at The Granada 9 PM $FREE

Winter Metal Massacre feat. Night Creation with Houdini Light Machine, Wuzz, Gravelord at Riot Room 8 PM $7

Sunday, February 1st

Yonatan Gat with RLT, Miss Mondegreen at Riot Room 9 PM $8















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