Live Tonight: Week of January 12th – January 18th: How To Keep Warm

It has been bitterly cold lately. No matter how many layers you have on, some of that frigid Midwestern air will always seep through and chill you to your bones. So instead of drinking hot chocolate and wearing mittens and gloves at the same time, here are some activities to help keep you warm this week, either by dancing, singing along, or moshing:

Monday, January 12th

Mobile Deathcamp with In The Shadow, Final Drive at Riot Room 8 PM $10

Mobile Deathcamp is the group of guitarist/vocalist Todd Evans, who donned the prosthetics and headgear of Beefcake the Mighty in the legendary metal band GWAR from 2002 to 2008. Like GWAR, Mobile Deathcamp features the same riff-heavy thrash metal and songwriting of GWAR, so it’s perfect for fans of any number of metal genres. A heavy night for sure!

Silent Planet with Pros/Cons, To Speak In Whispers, Allies, She Sees Ghosts at The Jackpot 6:30 PM $8

Tuesday, January 13th

Nature Boys with Rat’s Rest, RadRadRiot, Witch Saddle at Vandal’s 8 PM $5

Lesserhasbeens with Electric Orchids, Uncountable Kings at Record Bar 9:30 PM $7

Wednesday, January 14th

Zola Jesus at The Granada 9 PM $15

Fresh off the October release of her 2014 album “Taiga,” Zola Jesus is hitting Lawrence for a much-anticipated live show of her blend of pop, baroque, electronic and industrial that is making waves everywhere she goes. A mix of styles that works perfectly that will leave you entranced.

Rebelution with Katchafire at Liberty Hall 8 PM $25

The Hi-Yahs with Swaggle Rock, Beazy Times at Riot Room 9 PM $7

Rebelution Afterparty with 3 Son Green at The Bottleneck 11 PM $FREE with Rebelution ticket

Post Nothing with Wolves, Donner Diaries, Bad Dinner, Clear Views at Art Closet 8 PM $5

Thursday, January 15th

Nicolas “xXx420DANKxXxNUGZxXx Esteban presents Wanderer with Household, See It Through, Joshua Carmack at The Sandbox 6 PM $5

BellyMilk (JellyFish tribute) with David George, Tyson Leslie & The Scarlet Letters at Riot Room 8 PM $7

Groovement at The Bottleneck 9 PM

Friday, January 16th

Less Than Jake with Reel Big Fish, Authority Zero at The Granada 8 PM $25

Are you ready to skank? Get your zoot suits and swing your arms back and forth for a ska-filled night at the Granada. Less Than Jake, Reel Big Fish and Authority Zero are three of the biggest 90s-era ska bands and their catchy brass sections coupled with punk riffing is the perfect recipe for a good time.

The Appleseed Cast with Drakkar Sauna at The Replay 10 PM $3

El Monstero – A Tribute to Pink Floyd at The Uptown 8:30 PM $20

Wooden Wisdom with DeeJay Spinstyles at Riot Room 8 PM $12

Sexy Accident with Hillary Watts Riot at Record Bar 7 PM $5

Miry Wild with Dolls On Fire, Yes You Are at Record Bar 9:30 PM $7

Saturday, January 17th

Midcoast Takeover FUNdraiser #2 with The Philistines, The Latenight Callers, The Sluts, The Medicine Theory at Record Bar 9 PM $10

The Midcoast Takeover is here again! To raise funds to support another year of amazing KC-area based bands taking over SXSW, there are a few shows beforehand to help spread awareness and gather some dollars! Fundraiser #2 is a doozy, with The Philistines, The Latenight Callers, The Sluts and The Medicine Theory rocking your eardrums. Support the local scene!

Crystal Baller with Fake Fancy at Vandal’s 9 PM $5

Lazy 7″ release show with Cucumber & The Suntans, Who & The Fucks, Mr. & The Mrs. at Replay Lounge 10 PM $3

Conquerors with Heartfelt Anarchy, Various Blonde, Jorge Arana Trio at Harling’s Upstairs 8:30 PM

Cartographer with Houdini Light Machine, Westport Rats, American Ghouls, Amenaza at Riot Room 8 PM $7

Sunday, January 18th

Mayhem with Watain, Revenge at The Granada 8 PM $25

I could spend an entire day writing a 25-page paper on the history and influence of Norway’s controversial Mayhem and the absolutely “truth is stranger than fiction” beginnings of the black metal genre in the early 90s (I’ve done it before), but I’ll give you the shortened version – Mayhem is the most legendary black metal band today that helped bolster the scene almost three decades ago. Suffice to say, they alone guarantee this show to be a can’t-miss event. With them are the masters of carcass-covered black metal Watain and the first ever (I think?) full US tour for the harshest black metal band in the world, Canada’s Revenge. A blasphemously awesome Sunday night.

Heavy Glow with Lazy, Uncountable Kings, MJP, Karma Vision at Riot Room 8 PM $7

Peter Schlamb at Record Bar 8 PM $5


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