Live Tonight: Week Of February 2nd – February 8th: Middle Of The Map Edition!

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It’s that time again! Football is done, the snow is coming down and everyone’s stocking up on chocolate for Valentine’s Day and Easter. Only one thing is missing – the announcement on who’s playing Middle Of The Map – Kansas City’s best locally-run festival! The 2014 edition was a ton of fun featuring amazing performances by Gary Numan, Of Montreal, The Get Up Kids and a ton more! This Tuesday, join us at Mills Record Company at 5:30 PM for a free in-store from Westerners as the artist lineup for the 2015 edition of the festival is announced on 90.9 FM The Bridge’s Eight One Sixty program! Score some free MOTM merch, listen to some tunes and buy your festival passes with no service charges! Ballin’!

Monday, February 2nd

Birch Street with Damien Gunn & The Magnificent Bang Bangs, Grace Maher & The Wayward Sons, Roman Alexander at The Riot Room 8 PM $7

Tuesday, February 3rd

Tesla with NoMara at The Midland 8 PM $27.50

Alright everyone, it’s time to get your power ballads on. Tesla has been around for years and years and this is probably your cool Uncle’s most-anticipated show of 2015. Get ready to put your lighter in the air (or probably your illuminated phone screen because it’s 2015) and sing your heart out! Watch out for big hair and bigger guitar solos.

Tyranny Enthroned with Micawber, Torn The Fuck Apart, Nefirum, Obliterate The Apex at The Scene 7 PM $7

Pierce The Veil with Sleeping With Sirens, PVRIS, Mallory Knox at The Uptown 7 PM $36.85

Calabrese with The God Project, Night Creation, Youngblood Supercult at Riot Room 8 PM $10

Annabelle Chairlegs with Cucumber & The Suntans, Mr. and the Mrs. at The Replay Lounge 10 PM $3

Wednesday, February 4th

Axis with Drown, Purgatory, Blindside USA, Bad Dinner at The Art Closet 8 PM $8

Help close down one of the best smaller venues in Kansas City with a good old-fashioned hardcore show. Possibly the heaviest tour to hit the Art Closet yet with Florida’s Axis, Texas’ Drown, and Omaha’s Purgatory. Get moshed, but do it safe! Bye Art Closet!

Folkicide and Rabbit Killer with Squill at Davey’s Uptown 8 PM $3

Filibusta with Goodness Gracious, Ryan Viser, DSPANG, Marcobiotics at Riot Room 8 PM $7

Thursday, February 5th

Tortuganomina with No Cave, Sunrise & Ammunition at Vandal’s 9 PM $3

Wandering Lake with Karma Vision, CS Luxem at Replay Lounge 10 PM $3

Simo with Oldfield Victory, Til Willis, Jungle Behavior at Riot Room 9 PM $7

Friday, February 6th

Fallujah with Obliterate The Apex, A Plague In Faith, Sedlec Ossuary at Aftershock $10 7 PM

You asked for it and you got it! Hot off the release of their critically acclaimed 2014 album “The Flesh Prevails,” San Francisco’s Fallujah performs a blend of technical and progressive death metal that has the atmospherics of Between The Buried And Me with the finger-melting riffing of Necrophagist. One of the biggest up-and-coming bands, this isn’t a show to miss.

Ben Howard with Willy Mason at The Uptown 8 PM $32

Bad Suns with Coasts, Maudlin Strangers at Record Bar 9:30 PM $15

James Rose & Friends with Jazz Cigarettes, Joe Avery at The Replay Lounge 6 PM $3

Duncan with JBomb, Akai Najir, Secondhand King at Riot Room 8:30 PM $10

Saturday, February 7th

August Burns Red with Miss May I, ERRA, Northlane at The Granada 7 PM $23

I hope you’re not all moshed out, because August Burns Red make a triumphant return to The Granada to whip everyone in a 50-mile radius into a rabid frenzy. One of the last remaining melodic metalcore bands from the early-2000′s boom, they’ve brought a huge lineup with them including Miss May I, ERRA and Northlane. Apologies in advance to your sore necks.

Midwest Takeover Fundraiser feat. Kangaroo Knife Fight with Appropriate Grammar, Big Iron, Reid The Martian at Record Bar 9:30 PM $10

The Electric Lungs with Mace Batons, The Itch, Thunderclaps at Harling’s Upstairs 8 PM $5

Red Kate with Extra Ordinary, Black Luck at Frank’s North Star Tavern 9 PM

Bush with Theory of a Deadman, Stars in Stereo at The Midland 8 PM $35

King Chip with Loogey, Stunna, Sir Adams, Dutch Newman at Riot Room 10 PM $15

Sunday, February 8th

The Expendables with Ballyhoo!, Katastro at The Granada 7 PM $15

What better way to end the week than to go out with some reggae jamz? You know what it is. The Expendables with Ballyhoo! and Katastro. Get ready to jam.



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