Listening Party – The Mountain Goats get dark with “Goths” this Friday


With a pounding drum beat accompanying a driving piano line, accentuated by frontman John Darnielle’s frentic half-shouted lyrics, opening track Rain in Soho to The Mountain Goats’ sixteenth album Goths is a perfect framing device for the rest of the album. The track segue’s into Andrew Eldrtich is Moving Back to Leeds – an Smiths-like, upbeat tune filled with wind instruments pontificating about nostalgia and how everything eventually returns home. Just two tracks in and it seems The Mountain Goats have outdone themselves – and in their 26th year as a band no less.

A healthy sense of growing older but still remaining attached to Youth is the name of the game for Goths and it’s accompanied with the band’s near rock-opera (if performed by an indie folk group) opus that sounds both out of place and right at home in the current underground music climate. Wear Black has a healthy dose of lounge jazz that elevates the already haunting nature of the music. Goths could be the next landmark release from an already landmark-producing group.

Here at Mills Record Company, we’ll be hosting to a listening party for the new album from The Mountain Goats – Goths – on Friday, May 19th starting at 10 AM. The indie exclusive vinyl of Goths will be available to purchase, but you can also enter to win a signed test print of the album, along with some posters and stickers too! See you there!



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