Leggy, T-Rextasy, Westeners @ Replay Lounge

Tomorrow night, Replay Lounge will host three bands that collide pop, indie, punk, and garage to make music that absolutely rips. Leggy and T-Rextasy will be joined Lawrence’s own Westerners for what guarantees to be the best way to start the week. While all the bands use similar threads to create their music, the way these elements are pieced together is radically different–from Westerners’ hook-rich indie rock to T-Rextasy’s avant-pop to Leggy’s lo-fi punk.

T-Rextasy’s latest release, Jurassic Punk, combines off the cuff vocal melodies and dirty riffs for a sound that unfurls like the B-52s covering The Prettiots. But to say that is to miss the elements of glam that sneak through the mix in their singer’s phrasing. The group combines the indie cleveriness that dominated the indie DIY scene in the early aughts with glam’s weirdest moments to create undeniably punktastic songs. T-Rextasy’s music is the aural manifestation of fun–glib, grimy, and tongue-in-cheek. Whether you are a fan of clever lyrics or riffs that have immediacy, you’ll find something to love in this New York band.

Eschewing the more avant-pop sounds, Westerners’ music focuses crafting catchy riffs. Driven by powerful rhythms and fiery leads, the Lawrence four-piece actively works to write music that is full at every moment. All that said, the band doesn’t let their lyrical content sit secondary to their music. Catchy yet dark, Westerner’s lyrics are another engine driving their sound. And with a stage performance that not only matches the energy of their recordings but exceeds it, Westerners put on a show that will have even the most stalwart of wallflowers bouncing to the beat.

Ohio’s Leggy manages to weave together dark pop and maniac garage seamlessly. The band’s sound doesn’t so much flit between these poles as it combines them in their hooks. As lush as any indie pop gracing the cassette racks these days and as visceral as any punk 7″, Leggy’s music is comfortable coming from a car stereo and pounding through a venue’s PA. And with songs that gain depth and energy on stage, the band is one of those acts that only get better when they perform their stuff live. If you haven’t caught this three-piece live (or on record), Monday will be the perfect time to change that.

There are plenty of things to be disappointed with in the world right now, but tomorrow’s show at Replay Lounge is not one of them. Featuring Leggy, T-Rextasy, and Westerners, the concert will kick off the week with energetic and fun punky pop. Jumping from catchy melodies to noisy pop, from lo-fi fuzz to layered percussion, Monday’s show will be the perfect spot to catch three bands doing what they do best.

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