Lawrence Invasion: Young Bull, Vivid Zebra, Aprilmist

Anytime Shuttlecock Music Magazine hosts an event, it’s worth checking out. The magazine consistently shines the spotlight on some of the best up and coming local musicians in the area. This Friday, Shuttlecock will bring Young Bull, Vivid Zebra, and Aprilmist to Mills Record Company for a genre-spanning whirlwind of a show. Moving from thrash to hip-hop to black metal, Lawrence Invasion will have one bit of continuity–the passion and skill of all those performing. And in part, this wide spread of genres does well to cross-pollinate the musical landscape of Kansas City.

Aprilmist picks up where bands like Saved by Grace left off. Eschewing the more metalcore elements of their forebears, Aprilmist drenches their sound with black metal atmospherics to create dark and brooding soundscapes rigged to the skeleton of lead riffs and plodding drums. Bouncing between ethereal, cathedral-licked interludes and absolutely punishing onslaughts of sound, the Lawrence black metal band burns through their songs with an energy that is unstoppable. Born from bands like Wolves in The Throne Room, Opeth, and Deafheaven, Aprilmist uses the genre and subverts them perfectly.

Vivid Zebra moves in a completely different vein. Blending trap leanings with pop RnB, the LFK hip hop collective makes songs that are rhythmic and filled with hooks. Whether Vivid Zebra raps about financial capital or social capital, the collective knows not only how to pen a line but how to deliver it. Constantly in the intersection between self-consciousness and swagger, Vivid Zebra is equally great streaming through headphones and pouring out a PA. Vivid Zebra again and again proves that hip hop is not dead in Kansas City and Lawrence.

Young Bull is hardcore through and through. Thrashing through their songs without worrying about slowing down, the Lawrence rockers break through the sound barrier with riffs on riffs on riffs. Equal parts punk, metal, rock, and DIY, Young Bull has an energy as palpable on record as it is on stage. The band grinds through their sets, leaving nothing intake in their wake. If you’re a fan of heavy music that strikes fast and hits harder than a brick to the face, look no further than Young Bull–this band will break you and piece you together with safety pins and studs.

This Friday‘s show starts at 6pm and is all ages. Shuttlecock Music Magazine always curates fantastic shows. Lawrence Invasion, featuring Young Bull, Vivid Zebra, and Aprilmist, will be the perfect way to kick off the weekend. Whether you’re a fan of 90s inspired thrash metal, slicked over hip hop, atmospheric black metal, or all three, this show will be the concert to catch. Like I implied at the beginning of this post, that three very separate genres are being brought together on one bill is great to introduce music fans to new forms of musical expression.

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