Kristeen Young, Adriana & The Panic, and Fea @ RecordBar

Tonight is already packed with great shows, but The RecordBar is adding another to the mix. The late Wednesday show will feature locals Adriana & The Panic and touring acts Kristeen Young and Fea. The show will run the gamut from Adriana & The Panic’s folk-infused soul to Kristeen Young’s energetic pop, to Fea’s hard-hitting Chicana punk. And while each of these bands lands somewhere different on the aesthetic spectrum, their music shares a drive that makes their songs pop on record and their shows sizzle on stage.

Beginning the night, Fea will unleash their quick and messy punk. Fast-tempos and complex melodies seemingly define the band. Though Fea definitely has a punkier edge, their guitar riffs venture beyond the standard punk arrangements blending a variety of styles and translating them into some of the most compelling punk music I’ve heard in a minute. And as the below video shows, the band puts on a show that spits fire and demands attention. Their brash style backed by their technical proficiency gives Fea a sound unlike any other. Half-punk, half-avant-pop, Fea keeps the messy swiftness of punk while moving beyond the distorted wash that would shape a lesser band.

Adriana & The Panic have a bit of a softer-edge but an equal amount of energy. The band blends Adriana Nikole’s soaring vocals with jangling guitar to create forefront melodies that constantly shift without feeling scattered. Underneath this layer, drums and bass set unflinchingly complex rhythms that could be songs in their own right. When these parts meet, some sort of magic happens. Adriana & The Panic’s pop-drenched soul has enough pep to get people to the dance floor and enough to bite to satisfy those who’d rather hang in the back and nod along to the beat. Truly the best of both worlds, the Kansas City band has a sound that will satisfy even the most discriminating palate.

Ending the night will be Kristeen Young. Sounding like David Bowie singing Taylor Swift, the St. Louis native mixes the catchiness of straightforward radio pop with the twists and turns of Bowie’s “plastic soul.” Her songs bubble with a manic energy that refuses to quiet down. That said, Young never lets this mania overpower her songs. She starts with it as a visceral base, a tonal resonance before building on it with her staggering ability to layer vocal melody on vocal melody on vocal melody (any of which would suffice to top off the song). Combining this with her lush arrangements and counterpoints, Kristeen Young leaves nothing unexplored. Perhaps FKA Twigs’ rowdy doppelganger, Young is an aural tour de force–both on record and stage.

The show starts at 9:45pm and is 18+. If you have previous engagements, cancel them. If you have work in the morning, call in sick. This is not a show to miss.

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