How To Keep Dreaming Showcase

This is the last month recordBar will be at its current location, and it is definitely going out with a bang. Featuring a smattering of local and national talent, recordBar has a calendar full of great shows. One of those shows will celebrate the release of The Record Machine‘s compilation¬†How to Keep Dreaming Vol. 1. The show will include compilation contributors: Pink Royal, Rachel Mallin and The Wild Type, and the author and the illustrator. Each band occupies a different part of the sonic stratosphere–which all but guarantees a truly eclectic show.

Rachel Mallin and The Wild Type has a synth-pop sound reminiscent of Imogen Heap and Florence and The Machine. That said, the singer-songwriter and her band do more than rehash explored territory. Rachel Mallin and The Wild Type arrange songs that slowly flex into dramatic arcs to create atmospherically tense moments. The band’s latest single (included on The Record Machine’s compilation), “Something Wicked,” continues this trend. Its juxtaposition between brooding melodies and bright synths gives it perfect balance.

Lawrence based musicians, Pink Royal, classify themselves as “experimental groovepop,” and the label couldn’t be more appropriate. Pink Royal knows how to ride a groove for all its worth and how to hop between melodies and rhythms to give their songs a sense of movement. The six-piece layers slick vocal melodies over their complex guitar-led riffs to create songs that pop through the speakers and stay stuck in your mind for days. Pink Royal is Passion Pit meets Taking Back Sunday, Cults meets Ariel Pink, Bonobo meets The Weeknd. In other words, the band almost defies classification.

the author and the illustrator make some of the most accomplished rock in the area. The band’s ability to weave together several fragments into a musical tapestry is second to none. I’ve written how they are math rock professors and post-hardcore wizards, but the author and the illustrator go beyond simple genre reduction. No matter where a persons aesthetic preferences are, they will be able to find something compelling in the author and the illustrator. From their disjunctive riffs to their enveloping bass lines to their sad-but-self-aware lyrics, the band simply makes great music.


The show will be the perfect chance to see these three local acts live. It will also be a great way to support the Midwest Music Foundation–as all the proceeds will go toward the foundation’s causes. In my opinion, the How To Keep Dreaming showcase is a triple win: attendees will get to support some great local musicians, help a fantastic cause, and see one of the last recordBar shows (in its current location). The show is 18+, will cost $7, and starts at 10pm.

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