KC Psych Fest Rolls Through The Weekend

As I posted before, KC Psych Fest is this weekend (coinciding with recordBar‘s ten year anniversary). 2015 marks the fourth year the KC Psych Fest has brought together the best local and national acts to stages across Kansas City. The first night (Friday) features six wonder bands to push and pull your eardrums in the best ways The second night (Saturday) will continue this, featuring: El Condor, Jorge Arana Trio, Be/Non, The Van Allen Belt, Wet Socks, and Slim Twig.

Jorge Arana Trio mixes the best qualities of noise-laced avant rock with the quick tempo and key switching of jazz. The result is a dizzying array angular and building melodies. The trio fills each song with a metric gigaton of energy. As palpable on the latest release, Oso, as they are on stage, Jorge Arana Trio makes music that demands performance. And perform it they do. Seeing the trio live is highlight by any means. They three dudes are sure to set the bar high for the rest of the night.

Following, Be/Non, local legends in their own right, will mellow things out a bit more. Cool without losing any aesthetic heat, the six-piece makes music that slowly increases its tension as it unspools from the bands instruments. That said, Be/Non is anything but linear. Their music features frequent disjointedness and redirection–a tactic that allows for an organic sense of cohesion that keeps its listeners hooked.

After Be/Non, Pittsburgh natives, The Van Allen Belt, will take the stage. Equal parts freak folk (think Woods), rusted electronica, and psychedelic texture, The Van Allen Belt is something that may be as unclassifiable as a band can get today. That said, the band never strays far from melodies whose grooves stay stuck in your head. The four piece remixes thousands of sounds to give each one of their songs a depth that is as surprising as it is refreshing.

Following them, Wet Socks will take the stage. The Savannah based band has a grungier vibe than the four previous acts. Sounding like FUZZ or any number of Ty Segall projects, Wet Socks incorporates cleverly subtle melodies into their songs–a counterpoint to their sludge-distorted guitar riffs. As gritty as they are immediate, Wet Socks seems equally comfortable running through fast and intricate melodies and slugging through the heavier elements of their sound. The band will surely put on a show that resonates within each person.

Ending the night will be the Toronto band Slim Twig. The band, while not moving at all within pop in any traditional way, creates gestures within their music that allude to the genre. Their songs bend through keys and rhythms to worm their way into your ears. It’s feat whenever a band can fill their songs to their aural brims. It’s also a feat when a band can sound as intimate as listening to a friend strum her guitar on your porch. Slim Twig manages to accomplish both of these feels, often simultaneously. Intimate and somehow larger than life, Slim Twig will definitely not disappoint.

The second night of the KC Psych Fest starts at 5pm. Featuring three great local bands and three fantastic touring bands, the night will surely be one of the best nights of music this year.

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