Judy Mills’ Top Ten Albums of 2016

Solange: A Seat at the Table – Fierce and important and somehow dreamy.

Nick Cave: Skeleton Tree — A document of time about grief and aging from a brilliant and talented mind.

Abra: Princess — The Duchess of Darkwave writes songs on her computer then releases them on Periscope. And I’m okay with that.

Physic Heat: “Starve” — B side on the Replay 7 inch release. Song of the year for me. Like a hot windy day in 1970 something, you want it to last forever. Let’s be honest, Sunshower too.

Bigbang: Made — Their last release before their military enlistment (a South Korean group) teaches you how to dance in the face of insistent nuclear threat. A lesson we might need for 2017.

Emma Ruth Rundle: Marked for Death – Probably the most metal singer/songwriter release this year. The last track especially.

Jim James: Eternally Even — Funky and rolling. Just go along for the ride.

Kate Bush: Before the Dawn A recording of her first live show in 35 years. Waiting for a full day off to hear it, but I already know it’s perfect.

Childish Gambino: Awaken My Love — I don’t care if it’s a “Maggot Brain” rip-off/homage. It’s still wonderful.

Helen Money: Become Zero — When you listen to new music for a living you’re stoked to find a release you can love. Cello player makes a metal record would be my hashtag.

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