Janet The Planet, Temp Tats and HMPH! @ miniBar

I’ve mentioned that 2016 is starting out strong in regards to concerts, but I can’t help but be surprised at how strong. And this Saturday continues that trend. Featuring some of the most fun acts to see live, miniBar’s concert is sure to offer something for any music lover. Whether it’s Janet the Planet‘s horn driven jazz, Temp Tats‘ RnB infused indie pop, or HMPH!’s unbridled experimentalism, the show will be the place to be.

Temp Tats have all the makings of a radio-hit factory: catchy and smooth vocal melodies, dynamic song structure, and grooving rhythms. But to say the band is solely a pop band is to miss on the depth and experimentation that hides beneath their indie pop glow. Temp Tats’ debut, Ions, boasts a staggering amount of layers. Collaging steadiness and constant change, the band embodies Stein‘s quotation that “There is no such thing as repetition. Only insistence.” Between their recordings and their live show, Temp Tats insists pop and experimentation can yield fantastic results.

Less smooth than Temp Tats, HMPH! occupies the woolier side of the music-noise continuum. That said, the two piece’s ability to weave disparate and fragmented parts into a compelling whole is unmatched in Kansas City and beyond. The duo’s debut, Headrush, is accurately named. HMPH! takes the symptoms behind and dials them into something musical. Abrasive yet catchy, disassociated yet connected, noisy yet melodic, Headrush is greater than the sum of its parts. Combining their musical acumen with a live set that is absolutely mesmerizing, HMPH! is definitely a must-see.

Janet The Planet makes truly cosmic jazz. The interplay between cool horns and light-handed drums gives the band a sound that lands somewhere between cool soundscapes and heated aural explorations. Sounding like John Klemmer at his most impulsive, Janet The Planet makes music that is as heady as it is full-bodied. On stage, the six piece riffs on their pieces to make each concert a truly unique experience. Seeing these guys live is a reminder that jazz doesn’t live at jazz lounges, that it grows in the basement, it infests houses, it spills from the grungiest venues. Janet The Planet has the grit of a punk band and the skill of the entire Juilliard faculty.

Saturday’s show starts at 9pm at the miniBar and will feature some astounding bands. Mixing Temp Tats’ RnB influenced indie pop with HMPH!’s mathrock experimentation, with Janet The Planet’s cool jazz, the show will undoubtedly be the best way to spend this Saturday in Kansas City.

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