Interview with See Through Dresses

See Through Dresses, Omaha’s shoegaze sweethearts, have recently embarked on a month-long tour, hitting the midwest, south, and up the east coast. Tomorrow night, along with the Author and the Illustrator, See Through Dresses will be performing a free, all-ages in-store at Mills. The band was nice enough to answer a few questions of mine. 


Who are See Through Dresses?
Sara Bertuldo – vocals, synth and guitar
Matt Carroll – vocals and guitar
Nate Van Fleet – drums
Alex Kirts – bass

Describe your sound and who you draw influences from?
We’re influenced by a lot of bands from the 80′s and 90′s. Everything from The Cure, New Order, and My Bloody Valentine to Sebadoh, Teenage Fanclub, and Pavement. Our album has some characteristics of these bands (shoegaze, pop, etc.), but we feel our songs never fit into one specific genre. Our sound is a culmination of all these bands we like.

Is there a specific meaning behind the name ‘See Through Dresses’?
Sara: See Through Dresses came from a list of things I wrote down to either be used as a lyric or song title. It really has no specific meaning, I just like the way the words sound together.

Matt:  It seems maybe we all landed on that name simply because it’s provocative on a very basic level. It’s vaguely sexual, but not gratuitously so. There are plenty of ways the name can be interpreted. I’m sure we have each have our own specific takes on the meaning (none of which I believe we’ve ever discussed together), but we’d rather let people decide what things like that mean in their own lives. That’s a feeling we share about most of what we do, and the reason why music is so rewarding to make and to listen to.

Describe the process of making the See Through Dresses LP.
We recorded the LP in our home studio in Omaha over the course of several months. Our good friend, JJ Idt, mixed it. The album took a while to finish because we were writing a lot in the studio and figuring out arrangements as we went. We were still trying to nail down what kind of band we wanted to be, and having our own recording space afforded us the luxury of sitting on ideas and being really critical of ourselves. We started with about 18 songs and narrowed it down to the 10 you hear on the record. Tracking drums was the only time we had to rush. Nate had the flu when he recorded all his drum tracks. We couldn’t wait for him to get better because we had borrowed some equipment from a friend and needed to get it back. Nate doesn’t remember recording ‘Glass’, poor guy. We bought him pizza when he recovered.

How did the band become affiliated with Golden Sound Records?
Sara: Matt and I used to play in a band called Honey & Darling. Jerad Tomasino was from here so he would come up to Omaha with Everyday/Everynight. I met him on his 21st birthday. I heard his band play, thought they were good, and then we started playing shows together. We bonded together over a short tour in the Midwest, summer of 2010. Both bands have since broken up, but our different projects kept us playing together.

Has See Through Dresses ever seen or heard the Author and the Illustrator?
We’ve never played with the Author and the Illustrator, but we are very much looking forward to seeing them.

What can we expect at the Mills show?
Matt: When we play smaller shows in smaller spaces the crowd doesn’t seem so distant and mysterious. It will be nice to look out and see specific faces rather than a dark room of anonymous people. So, I suppose you can expect lots of direct eye contact. Especially from Nate. He’s a bit of a starer.  We will probably play some of the mellower songs from the record, which will be a treat for us because we don’t normally play some of those songs.  Mostly, we look forward to hanging out and getting to know anyone who comes down. It’ll be a fun night of music at a great record store.

What social media does the band choose to partake in?

A review of the See Through Dresses album can be found here.
An interview with the Author and the Illustrator can be found here.

Show starts at 5. It’s free. It’s all ages.

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