Interview: The Author and The Illustrator

The Author and The Illustrator are a niche band. They create a sound that no other band in KC can replicate. At their Wednesday night practice, the four dudes were sweet enough to answer my questionnaire.

Who is The Author and The Illustrator?
Zack Hames-Guitar, Vocalist, Lyricist
Cliff Mills-Bassist
Josh Legler-Guitarist
Ian Dobyns-Drummer

Describe your sound to the unacquainted.
Midwest Indie Rock.

Is there a meaning behind the name The Author and The Illustrator?
Originally we were called “Exit the Author” which was the last line in this poem written by William Beckett from “The Academy Is…” and then last minute before a show Ian/Zack told the check in tent that the name was “The Author and the Illustrator” without telling the rest of the guys.

You have just released Crane Operators Who Move the Moon. What are your plans for the rest of 2013?Author
We actually have a lot of plans for once – We are nearly booked for a December/January tour (our first tour), hitting Oklahoma City, Austin, Houston, Memphis, and St. Louis. Until then, we are playing a few shows with a lot of friends. We’ll be recording again early next year which we are really excited for.

Oh, and after 3 years of being a band, we’re going to have shirts and posters and junk. Yoooooooooo.

What does your musical past look like?
Pretty grim, we were all in separate bands in high school (Amity, Saturnine, Made for the Fall, XxZackyNapalmxX). This is the most mature band any of us have been in, by far.

How have you grown and developed since the release of Session I in 2012?
A lot of has changed since we lost Greg and Evan, and after Zack started singing and Josh started playing guitar.  Greg’s lyrics and Zack’s lyrics are way different. We’re still the same band at the core, but it feels very different.

Who are some of your favorite local musicians right now?
Jerad Tomasino, The Caves, Organized Crimes, We Are Voices, Bears and Company, and Bummer.

What would be your fantasy bill to play on?
Shiner, Colour Revolt, At The Drive-In (in the 90s), and Cake.

What’s the skivvy with Little Ghost Studio?
We didn’t intend for it to be a “thing” yet, but we made a page for it and then people just started liking it. Ian and Zack are both going to school for audio engineering and we have just been recording some of our friends bands with a really modest rig.

If The Author and The Illustrator were a fairytale, what would it be?
Humpty Dumpty for sure.

What would be the best way to keep up with you guys?
We usually are pretty up-to-date on our Facebook, Tumblr, and Bandcamp, those are probably the best way to keep in touch with us.

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