Hyborian’s Release Party

The Company is killing it. Though young, the Kansas City record label is putting out some of the heaviest releases. From Gnarly Davidson‘s The Tape to Keef Mountain‘s self-titled debut, there seems to be no end to the punishing riffage coming from this label. And 2017 seems to promise more gold. Just a couple weeks after Curse the Son‘s Isolator hit the shelves, Hyborian‘s debut will be available on clear, blue/black splatter, and black vinyl (and also a sick yellow cassette). And to celebrate, The Company is putting on a show this Friday. Featuring Young Bull, Expo 70, Inner Altar, Keef Mountain, and Hyborian, the concert is sure to satisfy any jonesing for heavy riffs and brutal percussion.

Young Bull has found the sweet spot between hardcore and partying. All of their songs wrap around their atomic bomb riffs while pushing their rhythms to inducing dancing and moshing alike. Picking up where Motorhead and Shooting Guns left off, the Lawrence band takes the sound of their forebears and increases its wattage.

Much in the same vein, Keef Mountain keeps things heavy and loud. The duo’s debut is a psychedelic blend of riff sorcery and hazy euphoria. Shifting between turgid riffs and overdriven lead lines, Keef Mountain’s take on stoner metal is incredibly fresh while still alluding to the big names of the genre (The Sword, Sleep, Electric Wizard, etc.). If you haven’t heard or seen these guys live yet, then this Friday let the band give you a dab of devil’s blood.

Much slower than the aforementioned acts, Expo 70′s room-filling drones are where dreams come from. Expo 70′s ability to manipulate sonic textures and amorphous atmospherics to create tapestries of joy, dread, and calm is second to none. Whether the one man band’s glacial Exquisite Lust or blues-driven Kinetic Tones (or any of Justin Wright’s work) pours through the speakers, the audience can be sure to experience nothing short of an out of body experience.

Adding a touch of the baroque to the metal, Inner Altar’s music is heavy without losing the anthemic quality that made bands like Iron Maiden, Led Zeppelin, King Crimson, and Judas Priest able to pack stadium after stadium. That said, the band constantly shifts things to keep their music fresh. Inner Altar is rock at its most leather clad, its most epic, its largest.

Hyborian will close the night. With high octane riffs and gruff vocals, it would be easy to draw parallels between Hyborian and Mastodon. That said, Hyborian crunches their sound to eke each drop of tension from their notes. Moving away from the poppier elements, the Kansas City band makes music that is unforgiving and uncompromising. Featured on Metal Injection, Hyborian is here to obliterate what Kansas City considers metal.

The show is this Friday. Be sure to RSVP soon because the secret location of the show is set to be sent out any day now. If you’re a fan of chest crushing riffs, then you need to catch Hyborian’s Release Party.

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