House Show Alert: Chasm, Bad Ideas, Arc Flash, Gland

House shows are the life blood of local music–especially in Kansas City. With venues closing, charging an arm and a leg for tickets, and only hosting shows that are 21+, with musicians that don’t play with local acts, house shows are the best way to catch some of the phenomenal music being made in the city. They feel looser, more relaxed. No one is stressing out about sound-people messing up their sound.

This Saturday, there’s a house show that will be amazing. Featuring locals The Bad Ideas, Chasm, Arc Flash, and New Orleans surfer-punks¬†Gland, the show will be one to catch. It takes place at Eastwing–if you don’t know how to get there, message one of the event admin for the address.

Chasm has a doomy, Black Sabbath vibe that permeates their heavy punk. Where more straightforward doom bands languidly riff through their songs, Chasm’s music is more aggressive, has more bite, and is overall more immediate. Their demo doesn’t waste anytime getting to the meat of their songs. Melodic at points, chaotic at others, always commanding, Chasm does more than reiterate metal tropes. Their songs are punctuated with crashes and harsh vocals–both of which do well to add a sense of structure to their songs.

The Bad Ideas mix the punk immediacy of rolling guitars and drum lead songs with vocals that are surprising and catchy. Part political, and part absurd, the Kansas City quartet thrash through their songs with speed and heat. On stage, the band shows anything but a cool indifference. As sloppy as good punk should be but without losing the hooks that made post-hardcore influenced punk so alluring, The Bad Ideas stuff every second of their quick songs with aural morsels.

Gland sounds like a static-ridden, tinnier Best Coast. The New Orleans three piece injects their songs of longing with noise to create music that is as engrossing as it is repelling. Despite recording their EP,¬†Ambiance, live and on an iPhone, their punk-glitter shines through. Catchy and immediate, Gland doesn’t include anything unnecessary in their songs–an aesthetic that will always win me over.

What can I say about Arc Flash that I haven’t already said? The band mixes surf, math-rock, noise-rock, punk, and everything else into their sonic experimentation to create music that is fun and visceral. The band’s sound is extremely layered and filled out despite there being two members in the band–a feat that’s hard enough to accomplish on record let alone live on stage. That said, Arc Flash sounds every bit as full live as they do mixed and mastered.

The Saturday show starts at 8:30pm and will be a great time. Featuring some truly ruckus acts, Arc Flash, The Bad Ideas, Gland, and Chasm, the show will be the place to be for any fan of distortion-rich, noise-laced music.

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