I Heart Local Music Presents SXSW Bound

It’s that time of year again. SXSW is just around the corner, so all the bands we love around town are trying to get their finances in order so they can make a trip to the concert festival and show off the breadth and depth of the Kansas City music scene. It’s not easy–musicians have to take time away from their day jobs, pay for rooms, gas, food. That said, I HEART LOCAL MUSIC is helping out by throwing a fundraiser at Jackpot Music Hall and Saloon. The event is meant to help musicians raise money and also let those of us who won’t be able to make see these bands off right. In my opinion, the two-night show is a win-win.

Both nights will be a whirlwind of music. From fast, furious punk to wavering hip hop beats, this weekend at the Jackpot will offer something for everyone. “But who will I see?” you might be asking. Let me tell you. Friday’s line-up includes Stiff Middle Fingers, Real Adults, Wendy Moira, BLK FLNL, and Leggy. Saturday’s line-up features Arc Flash, Ebony Tusks, Vedetttes, Young Bull, and Toughies. Basically, each night will host some of the most exciting artists making music in the Kansas City / Lawrence area.

I’ve recently written about BLK FLNL, Arc Flash and Leggy, so I want to focus on bands I wasn’t familiar with before perusing the line-up. First of those bands is Young Bull. The Lawrence five piece is heavy with a capital H. Taking equally from Metallica and High on Fire, Young Bull makes music as raucous on record as the band is on stage. In short, Young Bull is the perfect musical emissary. Given that the band never falls short on stage, Young Bull will definitely entertain at the Jackpot–as I said above, a win-win.

Real Adults are about as far away from Young Bull as humanly possible. Mixing psy-folk elements with polyrhythmic structures and uber-catchy vocal melodies, the band takes its listeners on an aural odyssey any time they pick up their instruments. Despite their subdued recordings, Real Adults absolutely explode on stage. With bigger builds and more dramatic juxtapositions, the band puts on a show that is not to be missed.

I could write about the aggressive beats and lyrical dexterity of Ebony Tusks, the swift noise-punk of Stiff Middle Fingers, the slop-pop of Wendy Moira, the garage pop melodies of Toughies or any aspect of the two day 10 artist show, but what would be the fun in that? Every artist booked at the Jackpot this weekend not only makes great music but also puts on an unforgettable live show–which is, I think, the perfect mix needed of those going to SXSW to show off how awesome Kansas City is.

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