Halloween In Store: Radkey

Radkey is to KC music fans what the Royals are to KC baseball fans. But we already knew that. Their mix of punk and punkish gives any listener the shivers whether their sound is coming from the hi-fi, a basement PA, or a high-end festival system. Radkey’s melodic punk contains an energy that is as palpable on recording as it is on stage. And on Halloween, they will be playing a free show at Mills Record Company.

Coupled with their a free performance will be the debut of their video for “Feed My Brain.” The song itself is a jittery guitar-fueled anthem–complete with mellifluously bass-y vocals and sludgy drums. Perhaps its the repeating “teacher” or Dee Radke’s deep voice, but “Feed My Brain” sounds like a more visceral iteration of Pink Floyd (should I say Punk Floyd?).

Radkey’s videos always couple an interesting and pleasing visual element to their audio barrages. Whether they are a collage of live sets and tour footage (like the video above) or exude a graffiti-comic book feel (like the video below), the videos give another equally compelling part to Radkey’s aesthetic. In a sense, their music videos capture the tense energy inherent in their songs and live sets. So the video for “Feed My Brain” is sure to continue the trend of excellent videos that complement Radkey’s songs.

The show starts at 6pm but will fill up quick, so get there early–but not too early because lines will only be allowed an hour before the show. Whether you’re a Radkey fan or not (yet), the show will be a perfect way to kick of a Friday night Halloween. And because no Halloween show would be complete without a costume contest, there will be a costume contest boasting a $50 gift card for the winner. So get there quick, get there dressed up, and start Halloween right.

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