Halloween Concerts Part I: Telekinesis, Say Hi, Yes You Are

There’s no shortage of shenanigans on Halloween. From house parties to bar crawls, from family fun to an off night for the undead, this Saturday night will be full of awesome things to do. Some of those things are concerts. It seems as though each venue from St Joseph to Lawrence is booking a special show to whip the night into a frenzy. So this week, I’m dedicating all my efforts to highlighting four shows that make me wish I had a time-turner. First up is recordBar’s indie pop bash, featuring Say Hi, Telekinesis, and Yes You Are.

Say Hi seems to pick up aesthetically where Phantom Planet left off. With groovingly smooth guitar lines and wavering vocals, the Seattle Band writes some of the most fun indie pop I’ve heard in a minute. Each one of Say Hi’s songs starts deceptively simple before its rhythms and harmonies layer into something more complex. Despite this progression toward complexity, Say Hi never strays far from a visceral pop–an aesthetic that works its way into your ribs and limbs. The result is a sound that can raise any venue from dead to Thriller in less time than it takes to cut a couple holes in a sheet and call yourself a ghost.

Yes You Are was recently named Best Band On The Rise by The Pitch, and for good reason. The band marries a hyper-slick 80s pop sound with the classic disjunctiveness of early aughts Saddle Creek Records. The juxtaposition of these sounds creates something that is anthemic without any pretentious pageantry, sugary without sacrificing bite, and large without becoming languid. Yes You Are has a sound that is impossible not to be effected by. Perfect for bringing bodies together on a darkened dance floor, Yes You Are is the band that will save indie pop.

Fellow Seattle-ite to Say Hi, Telekinesis finds a nice niche between the indie pop folk of Dr. Dog and the electric lace of We Are Scientists. Telekinesis blends these overlapping sounds to create a feel that is organic but buzzing. A mixture of guitar chords, synth textures, minimal but driving percussion, and vocals that glue it all together, the band collages an infinite variety of tones in their songs. The result is an aesthetic of refreshing depth–something that is missing from a lot of indie pop. Telekinesis might not go for the electronic largeness of Yes You Are or the too-cool grooves of Say Hi, but their music has that undefinable thing that makes its listeners move whenever its played.

Say Hi, Yes You Are, and Telekinesis will undoubtedly put on a great concert at recordBar. The three bands occupy different areas of indie pop. On the spookiness scale, this show gets a vampire–classic, slick, and only slightly scary. The show starts at 9:30pm, is 18+, and will be a great way to kick off Halloween.

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