Halloween Concerts Part IV: Cowgirl’s Train Set, Sugar Britches, Arthur and the Neanderthals

This is the last post I’ll make highlighting some of the many concerts going on this Halloween. From indie pop to classic rock to doom metal and everything in between, there will be no shortage of great live music to dance to this Saturday. Joining the many great concerts, The Bottleneck is curating one hell of a show, featuring Cowgirl’s Train Set, Sugar Britches, and Arthur and the Neanderthals. All three bands fall somewhere on the folk/country/blue grass continuum, making for a show that is eclectic but coherent.

Arthur and the Neanderthals have a swampy and deep vibe that will be perfect to listen to this Halloween. Layering gruff bass vocal with incendiary leads, the band weaves together seemingly ever expanding tones to create their songs, which, while more than capable to get a body rocking, have a painful center. Listening to Arthur and the Neanderthals is to get caught between two radical emotional responses. On the one hand, the band’s sound absolutely mesmerizes with its passionate unfurling, but on the other has something that hints at loss just under the surface.

Sugar Britches lightens things up. The band’s unique mix of clever (and incredibly catchy) lyrics with jangling strings and bubbling accordion gives the four piece a sound that is simultaneously fun and masterfully created. Sugar Britches’ arresting harmonies lend a timelessness to their sound–which bounces from a 50′s shoo-wopping shimmer to an early 20th century bluegrass shake to a jittering Americana rephrasal. Despite the band’s lighter sound, Sugar Britches doesn’t shy from narratives with strong emotional cores, giving their songs a tone that could be cried or laughed to. And this tonal complexity helps the band put on a live show that is not to be missed.

Cowgirl’s Train Set keeps the jangling sound of Sugar Britches and the darker tones of Arthur and the Neanderthals. The Lawrence six piece writes bluegrass that moves incredibly fast (even by bluegrass standards). The band layers banjo runs, complex rhythmic structures, and catchy vocal melodies to create songs that are incredibly immediate despite their seemingly endless depth. Sounding like a folksy Gogol Bordello, Cowgirl’s Train Set is sure to put on an energetic show. On stage, the band is a boot-stomping force to be reckoned with–a perfect way to bring in the spookiest Saturday of the year.

Arthur and the Neanderthals, Sugar Britches, and Cowgirl’s Train Set will keep The Bottleneck hopping at this Saturday’s show. The music starts at 9pm, and the concert is 18+. Each band plays their music with such a passion that it gives their folk and bluegrass a life of its own. While not as spooky as some other events happening this Halloween, this concert scores a pirate–swashbuckling and adventurous, the perfect way to spend Saturday is scooting across the dance floor as if it were a deck. No matter where you find yourself this Halloween, be sure to be safe–designate a driver or arrange for taxi/uber.

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