Halloween Concerts Part III: 34, Hyborian, Keef Mountain, Acid King

Whether you’re into indie pop, garage rock, metal, country, or anywhere in between, there’s a concert happening this Halloween for you. Each venue from Kansas City to Lawrence is putting together some fantastic shows, and Riot Room is no exception. Its Halloween bash will feature some uber-heavy bands whose music might actually summon Satan this All Hallows Eve. From the explosive metal of 34 to the psychedelic soundscapes of Hyborian, from Keef Mountain‘s sludgy doom to Acid King‘s mesmerizing droning, Riot Room will be filled with some of the darkest vibes of the night.

Hyborian throws off a Mastodon-esque sound–driving and complex without losing its visceral primitiveness. The Kansas City four piece seems to base their songs around a churning rhythmic structure. This foundation acts perfectly as a breeding ground for their shimmering lead lines and vocal melodies. Despite having only four members, Hyborian’s sound is large enough to fill any space with its rock. On record their songs brim with a refreshing amount of energy, an energy that will undoubtedly transfer well to the stage.

34′s line-up boasts an impressive amount of talent. Featuring members from Saved by Grace, At The Left Hand of God, Flee the Scene, David Hasselhoff on Acid, and many more. These music scene veterans have been, for me, a major influence on my musical tastes–Saved by Grace being one of the first bands I saw live (at El Torreon). Never straying far from the visceral, punch-in-the-gut feel of early aughts hardcore, 34 hit the ground running and never stop. These guys will shred and pummel Riot Room to a pulp both with their music and the raw energy they bring to the stage–and they may even have their new EP for sale by that time (we can only hope!).


Keef Mountain has a sound that seemingly comes from the depths. Dark and heavy, the Kansas City duo layers rhythmically undulating guitar riffs, with droning vocal melodies, and crash-heavy drumming. The result is a sound that leaves no room for air to permeate their thick aural haze. Landing squarely in the realms of bands like High on Fire, Cough, or Weedeater, Keef Mountain creates dense and mesmerizing songs. Murky without losing a sense of crispness, Keef Mountain’s live show is, in my mind, the perfect thing to witness on Halloween.

Ending the night will be stoner rock legends, Acid King. The band’s sound mixes the otherworldly and all encompassing heaviness of doom with the metallic droning of bands like SQURL and AUN. Acid King’s latest album, Middle of Nowhere, Center of Everywhere, is a slow burning dredge. Featuring turgid riffs and outstanding vocals, Middle of Nowhere, Center of Everywhere is certainly one of those albums whose power is hard to pinpoint. As it spins through its grooves, the album gains more and more force–a technique that is sure to make for an as powerful performance.

Hyborian, 34, Keef Mountain, and Acid King will put on the quintessential Halloween show. Starting at 8pm, the show is 21+ and will cost $10. On the spookiness scale, I think it goes without saying that this concert scores the devil–dark, brooding, ready to steal your soul to power its sludgy riffs.

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