Halloween Concerts Part II: BaioWolf, Young Bull, Major Games, Gnarly Davidson

As I stated in my last post, there’s no shortage of great concerts slated for this Saturday. Moving from Kansas City pop to Lawrence electronica and metal, This Halloween show is at The Replay Lounge and features: BaioWolf, Young Bull, Major Games, and Gnarly Davidson. Equally split between danceable synthetic textures and boisterous metal, the show is all but guaranteed to make your eardrums vibrate in the best way.

BaioWolf continues the sound of bands like yipyip or Ghengis Tron. The duo makes music of disjunction–shifting from smoothed over electronic saws to distorted crashes and angular riffs. Listening to the Lawrence band, one doesn’t know whether to dance or mosh. Perhaps the answer is both at once. BaioWolf puts on a show as jittering as their songs–making for a performance that is as fun to watch as to participate in.

Major Games goes the opposite way with their music. Constantly blending parts into each other, the band makes songs of conjunction. The trio lets their epic atmospheric textures create a space for their vocal melodies to breathe. Major Games sounds like Sigur Ros playing math-rock–equal parts drone and shimmer. The result is music that is taut and billowing simultaneously. On stage, their aural largeness is exponentially increased. The three members will make enough sound to shrink the patio stage to the size of a basement.

Young Bull takes the heaviest parts of Major Games and gives them a harder edge. Part-80s hair metal, part grunged over rock n roll, the five piece writes music that is gritty and loud. And their recorded sound is only a preview to their stage show. Filling any stage with enough energy to power a small city, Young Bull dares the audience to give them more. To watch the band play is to witness five dudes give themselves fully to their music–which is the only way to play a show. Young Bull puts on a show that is second to none. Seeing them take the stage is definitely a great way to bring in Halloween.

Gnarly Davidson makes some of the heaviest music in the area. Period. The band’s riffs are full of fuzzed over sludge, and their percussion is pummeling. With vocals that sound like an otherworldly Motorhead, Gnarly Davidson mixes the heavy, walls of sound of the best examples of doom with the impatient movements of classic rock n roll. When the band takes the stage, nothing is left behind. Gnarly Davidson’s sound is as messy and thick on stage as it is on record–a feat that makes for music that is as great to listen to as it is to feel vibrate you to your core.

These four bands will put on a great Halloween concert. Moving from electro-metal-rap-core to heavy rock, the concert will shake from 9pm to the early morning. The show at The Replay Lounge is 21+. On the spookiness scale, this concert scores a werewolf–quick-changing, blood thirsty, and the perfect spirit animal to rock n roll.

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