The Good Hearts and Abandoned Bells @ Mills Record Company

There’s something electric about the way summer burns itself into autumn. And that electricity adds a warmth to all things stringed. Lucky for us, The Good Hearts and Abandoned Bells will spread that warmth to us all this Saturday at Mills Record Company. The two bands split the difference between the swampy murk of the darkest Americana and the crooning longing of the deepest folk. Yet both bands, despite their aesthetic differences, craft songs that are intriguing and full of hooks. Whether you’re a fan of straightforward folk or distortion-rich blues, this is an in store not to miss.

Photo by Renee Cinderhouse

Photo by Renee Cinderhouse

Abandoned Bells are equal parts witchcraft and whiskey. Calling their music Nightmaricana, the Kansas City trio weaves together banjo licks and overdriven guitar riffs to create roiled soundscapes that set the tone for their lyrics. Abandoned Bells know how to collage lyrical tones together–giving their songs anxiety but an anxiety that is full of power and energy. Even though the band has only played a couple of shows together, their live sets absolutely blaze both with technical skill and passion. Equal parts drone and shimmer, Abandoned Bells do occupy the darker corners of bluesy Americana, but their songs aren’t completely death and destruction. Under their shadowy surface, there’s a confidence within their decay–a power that knows these things can be overcome.

The Good Hearts sit between slinky, folk-jazz and the howling melancholy of indie folk. Their latest video for “Those Days Are Gone” captures both the ethereal beauty they pack into their songs with a outpouring of strings and reverb-kissed vocal melodies that are as catchy as they are haunting. The Good Hearts make music that is absolutely perfect for the weather turning chillier. Simultaneously powerful and vulnerable, the Kansas City quartet flits between tones and feels to make their songs veritable tapestries of emotion and image. Whether or not you’re a fan of string-plucking folk, you’ll find something to love about The Good Hearts–be it their sparkling strings or powerful live performance.

This Saturday’s show starts at 7pm, is free, and all ages are welcome. The in store will be an excellent way to kick off a quieter Saturday night. Abandoned Bells will stir their shadowy musical cauldron, putting the store in a darker mood; The Good Hearts will then shine a light through the dark tones, bringing out a more reflective tone to the mix. The two acts will come together to make an intimate and stunning show.

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