My Gold Mask, FEE LION, & La Guerre @ Replay

This Saturday at The Replay Lounge, La Guerre, FEE LION, and My Gold Mask will put on a fantastic show. Whether you’re a fan of stripped down electronic pop, slick indie pop, or anthemic dark pop, this show will have something for you. Plus, each act puts on a stage show that is not to be missed.

La Guerre makes music that lifts the hairs on the back of your neck. Haunting and minimal, La Guerre’s sound layers harmonies and textures to create lush soundscapes for Katelyn Conroy to spill her lyrics into. Conroy’s powerful yet vulnerable vocals give her songs a touch of light in their darkening sonic atmospheres. With an unflinching honesty, La Guerre lets her songs narratives float out with an ease that is impressive. With near perfect lyrics, ethereal instrumentals, and a voice that is on its own level, it doesn’t seem La Guerre is capable of making a song that doesn’t hook its listeners from its first note.

Much in the same vein, FEE LION writes songs that blur the electronic and folk genres. The Chicago based singer-songwriter uses patches and loops to create a space for her acoustic lead lines and crystalline voice. Gauzy without losing its physicality, FEE LION’s songs are reminiscent of Bjork or Circuit Des Yeux. That said, the musician doesn’t merely retraces the territory these musicians have tread. Injecting her songs with danceable rhythms, FEE LION keeps her songs well within the pop spectrum–unlike the more experimental edges of her predecessors. Her songs are haunting, yes, but they also call the body to move. With a presence that demands attention, FEE LION will surely put on a fantastic show.

Seeing My Gold Mask live should be a requirement for every music lover. The duo turned trio commands a stage with an energy that is inimitable. Whether they are jittering through a blistering pop anthem or a slow burn, My Gold Mask puts enough physical tension in their show to capture even the most distracted listener’s attention. Under their stage show, their songwriting is pitch perfect. Fragmenting traditional pop structures and lyrical progressions, the trio writes songs that are weird and familiar simultaneously. Seamlessly mixing acoustic and electronic instruments, My Gold Mask takes the best parts from each sound to create their densely layered anthemic darkpop. Missing this band play live is definitely a mistake.

With three acts that are as amazing on record as they are on stage, this Saturday’s show at Replay Lounge will not be one to miss. My Gold Mask, FEE LION, and La Guerre each write pop songs that absolutely stun. If you haven’t seen these acts live, you should change that. If you have, then you know why. And if you can’t make it Saturday (or even if you can), check out My Gold Mask on the 21st at miniBar.

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