God Luck And Good Speed: Weedeater Live in Kansas City 04/07/15

“It’s good to be back in Misery,” enigmatic Weedeater bassist/frontman Dixie Dave Collins said through a cloud of ringing feedback, “I never left.”

Weedeater is a band that is so loud, it messes with your equilibrium. With constant ringing guitar feedback in-between songs and every amp in the building turned up to 11, when the set ends, it feels like you’re underwater. Maybe Weedeater is the best argument for wearing earplugs to shows? They’d make a killing on them if they sold branded ear protection. Their Kansas City set covered most of the band’s discography – mostly cuts from their latest album “Jason…The Dragon” and the absolute sludge metal classic “God Luck And Good Speed.” The title track of the latter garnered the biggest reaction from the packed (at least for a Tuesday night) Riot Room – there were even some diehard fans singing along. The band took it back to 2001 with “Monkey Junction” off their first album “…and Justice for Y’all” and also their second album with the short-but-sweet “Time Served” featuring vocals from guitarist Dave Shepherd.

Drenched in alcohol, opiates and downtuned strings, Weedeater’s brand of stoner/sludge metal hit with a reverberation that shook to the core. I’ve seen Weedeater in countless venues, big and small, but I don’t think they’ve ever been heavier. It’s amazing that the Riot Room was even able to turn up their systems to that level. Dixie Dave delivered a menacing vocal performance with his unique shrill shrieks and guttural lows that encompassed everything a drunk madman should sound like – but it fit in perfectly with the organized chaos from the rest of the band. After three quarters of a bottle of Jim Beam, faulty amps shorting out from years of abuse and more than their fair share of illegal substances consumed, Weedeater launched into “Weedmonkey,” a song that could be their defining work, before finally switching the amps off and leaving a sweaty crowd with only the ringing in their ears for the rest of the night.

Direct support fell to road-hardened Australian grindcore band King Parrot. If Weedeater is the relaxing toke after a hard day of work, King Parrot is the war inside the head of a madman. Non-stop, lightning-fast grindcore with a bunch of shirtless Australian guys bounding around the tiny Riot Room stage and diving into the crowd, then pulling people from the crowd onto the stage just so they can dive off again. Even if they didn’t play some of the most refreshingly competent grindcore this side of of the Pacific, their stage show and crowd interactions alone are worth the price of admission. Already having played Kansas City 3 times in their short career, King Parrot is quick becoming a local favorite.

Three locals opened the show in heavy fashion. First was Keef Mountrain, an extremely heavy stoner/doom two-piece that sounded like Bongripper and Windhand put together – only heavier. Second were veterans Circle Of Trust – a group that featured sludge-tinged grindcore and a particularly vicious cover of a Blood Duster song. Finally, setting the stage for the touring bands was local legend Troglodyte. A set full of mostly songs from their upcoming album, they still brought the deathgrind classics like “Red Handed” and their amazing rendition of GWAR’s “Americanized” to honor the fallen Dave Brockie.


1. Hammerhandle
2. Mancoon
3. Turkey Warlock
4. Jason…the Dragon
5. God Luck and Good Speed
6. Wizard Fight
7. Monkey Junction
8. Time Served
9. Gimme Back My Bullets (Lynyrd Skynyrd cover)
10. Weed Monkey

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