Gnarly Davidson, The Sluts, Young Bull Tour Kick Off

This Saturday, all the heavy will be located at The Replay Lounge. Gnarly Davidson, The Sluts, and Young Bull will kick off their tour with a night of distortion thickened guitars and unrelenting percussion. While each band occupies a different area in the heavy spectrum–from bluesy hooks, to classic metal, to stoner riffage–, they all pour all their energy into their shows.

The Sluts just put out an album and it’s rad. The Lawrence duo charm distorted guitars and condensed vocals into something catchy and danceable–all without losing their heaviness. The Sluts spins like The Black Keys, Ty Segall, 90s alt, and the lighter edges of doom came together for a moment before their forces tore them apart again. The duo also just played Middle of The Map, and they killed it. The Sluts filled Californo’s Patio with their aural haze and driving percussion. As loud as the biggest acts of the fest and catchier then the poppiest ones, The Sluts showed a band doesn’t need a lot to make fantastic music.

Gnarly Davidson takes all the sugar of The Sluts and turns it into snarl. The trio burns through their songs with a high-octane decisiveness. Part stoner rock, part garage metal, Gnarly Davidson makes songs that are incredibly nimble despite their aggressiveness. Whether they are caught in a fuzzed-over groove or leaping through a solo, the trio makes each moment of their songs pull its worth. When the band takes the stage, they add even more energy to their music. Grinding and core-shaking, Gnarly Davidson’s stage show is not one to miss. Their ability to weave in and out of jams and structured material without losing the heavy tautness that makes them so great is second to none.

Young Bull stands in between The Sluts and Gnarly Davidson aesthetically. The band has all the distorted aggressiveness of Gnarly Davidson and all the speed and hook of The Sluts. Splitting their time between a High on Fire pummeling and a Motorhead roiling, Young Bull leaves nothing intact in their songs. And this sense carries over to the stage. With an amazing ability to whip any crowd into a frenzy, Young Bull puts on a show that shifts its focus from band to audience and back again. Whether you’re a fan of punkish/metalish music or not, Young Bull will win you over with their raucous stage show.

The Saturday show starts at 10pm. Gnarly Davidson, The Sluts, and Young Bull will put on a great show. All the bands are able to fill a venue with their energy and sound, and when put together they all but guarantee a night of riotous proportions. Send these bands off right, see them Saturday at The Replay Lounge.

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