Fullbloods’ New Release and Shows

Fullbloods are no strangers to creating taut surf-pop. The Kansas City quartet is a super-group of sorts–featuring members of The ACBs, Everyday/Everynight, Oriole Post, and other groups–and so know a thing or two about putting together music. And this knowledge comes through on their latest High Dive release, Mild West.

Mild West mixes the surfy vibes that we’ve come to expect from some of High Dive’s acts (think: Shy Boys, Rev Gusto, The Conquerors. etc) with a jammier sort of structure. The result is a sound sort of like early Dr. Dog meets The Beach Boys meets Happy Hollow. In a less convoluted way, Mild West is one of those albums that recreates early summer evenings sitting around a porch with your friends–a feeling that is incredibly hard to get on wax but extremely satisfying when it happens.

Starting with the single, “Money,” Mild West sets up its themes and tones well. Jangling and laid back while discussing more serious themes, “Money” is a sort of slacker anthem. Though, while it calls us to live more fully in the moment, there’s a melancholy to it that gives the song a nice tension. Coupling this lyrical tension with instrumental melodies that jump between bluesy riffs and surfy tones, “Money” promises an album that will deliver a lot.

And Mild West does deliver. Whether Fullbloods are hitting a quick tempo or relaxing in a slow burn, the album offers a surprising depth of style while keeping its sense of cohesion. The bands sound transfers well to the stage. Giving off a more subdued energy, Fullbloods command attention with their stunning ability to recreate their multifaceted and layered sound live with an ease that is enviable.

And this ability can be caught at a few release shows around Kansas City and Lawrence. Tomorrow night, the band will play The Replay Lounge with Dean Monkey & The Dropouts. Next week (the 27th), the quartet will play an in-store at Mills Record Company with newcomers Momma’s Boy. Both nights will be great shows to catch, so be sure to attend at least one.

Dean Monkey & the Dropouts are neo-doo-wop. The band’s pop structures have a timelessness to them that is always refreshing. Layering complex rhythms under intense vocal melodies, Dean Monkey & The Dropouts are doing something that no one else is doing in the area today.

Momma’s Boy lands somewhere between Dean Monkey & The Dropouts and Fullbloods. Part 50s-60s pop-revivalists, part surf-rock slacker pop, Momma’s Boy writes songs that are drenched in reverb and saccharine melodies.


Fullbloods’ Mild West is a must listen for any fan of surf pop. Jangling without losing sight of the important stuff of life, the album is pop gold. You can catch them in Lawrence tomorrow night or at Mills Record Company next week. But beware, once you get a taste of their vibes, you won’t be able to give them up.


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