Fullbloods, HMPH!, Campdogzz @ Tank Room

This Thursday, Tank Room will host some damn fine indie pop. The show will not only feature the not too funky (but still pretty funky) surf vibes of Fullbloods and the disjunctive mathrock of HMPH! but also ever-building indie pop of the Chicago based band Campdogzz. Each of these bands lands somewhere different along the indie spectrum, but each writes and plays music with a passion that is palpable on record and on stage. Thursday’s show at Tank Room will showcase some incredible musicians doing precisely what they love.

HMPH! manages to have their cake and eat it too. Mixing burning fragmentation with catchy hooks, the Kansas City duo knows exactly how to temper abrasiveness with charm to create music that pushes and pulls its listeners. The back and forth of their music, whether streaming from their debut, Headrush, or pouring out of a PA, is absolutely mesmerizing. HMPH! manages to create something that is equal parts collage and catch. Throughout their album, it is easy to see the musical prowess the duo possesses. And when HMPH! takes the stage none of their technical skill is lost. With more riffs per minute than any band in Kansas City, this duo is not one to be missed when they play live.

Fullbloods bends the opposite way. Using the least amount of instrumentation to make catchy as hell grooves, the Kansas City four piece spins out their music with a coolness that is unmatched. The band’s ability to fill an aural space with tunes as fun as the ones on their latest, Mild West, is second to none. Mild West, both lyrically and musically, has a muted sensibility to it that the most long lasting albums have–its hooks will still be caught in your head long after the needle has worn away the record’s grooves. Putting on a show that is as alive as their album, a Fullbloods show is laid back without losing any of the tension that swirls just under the surface of their songs.

Campdogzz is your new favorite Chicago band. The duo makes unapologetically dirty and building indie rock. The band bounces between snarl and pop for a sound that never quite sits still. Campdogzz splits the difference between Sonic Youth’s visceral and distorted brand of post-no-punk and the singer songwriter feel of folksier acts. The result is a tone that transcends both of these camps for music that is always compelling whether it rocks or sways. Their latest, Riders in The Hills of Dying Heaven, stays taut from beginning, blending melancholy and anger with an intelligence that few bands can muster.

The show starts at 9pm on Thursday and is 21+. Kick off the weekend early with Fullbloods, HMPH!, and Campdogzz.

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