Fullbloods, Beat Bums, Youth Pool @ The Brick

This Saturday, Fullbloods, Youth Pool, and Beat Bums will play The Brick. Each band strikes a different chord aesthetically, and together they represent a good smattering of indie rock. Fullbloods’ surfy pop is catchy and laid back; Youth Pool envelopes their listeners in waves of sound; Beat Bums collide sounds to create something totally unclassifiable. That these bands are sharing a stage guarantees a night that will be musically lush, the perfect cure for staving off the onslaught of seasonal affect.

Youth Pool might be single-handedly saving sad pop. The quartet’s five song EP, Dive In, is a fast-pace romp, full of moody instrumentals and hook filled baritone vocals. With percussion that shimmers like the most driving ornamentation and strings that glitter under effect-chains, Youth Pool’s sound constantly fluctuates as if it were played under water. Through this murk, the band’s vocals rise and fall, revealing themselves for a phrase before diving below the mix. This self-conscious playfulness works well for the band–putting so many sounds on the same plane gives their music a fullness that completely envelopes their listeners.

Beat Bums use a different strategy when creating music. Trying to hit as many registers as possible, the band’s music bubbles and pops like an old tube amp. Collaging moves from Radiohead to David Bowie, from Dirty Projectors to The Books, Beat Bums find the perfect tension between experimental tones and traditionally catchy pop. With a sound that bounces from arhythmic tape mashups and bedroom beats (often in the same song), Beat Bums’ music has a dimensionality to it that is both mesmerizing and refreshing. And the band doesn’t miss a beat moving from record to stage. Orchestrating samples as well as playing a guitar, the one man stage show is as fun to watch as it is to hear.

Fullbloods’ latest release, Mild West, sounds as fresh on its hundredth listen as it does on its first (ask me how I know). The Kansas City quartet is able to combine uptempo pop with an even keel delivery that gives their music a soothing quality as it bops through its verses and choruses. From start to finish, Mild West is full of hooks and fun (even when the band is singing about not being able to make rent, losing a car, or the general malaise of millennial life). Fullbloods’ music will have the most stalwart wallflower bobbing along with their surfy pop. Whether on record or on stage, the band’s sound is extremely taut without losing its sense of play.

Whether you’re drawn to the experimentation of Beat Bums, the all encompassing soundscapes of Youth Pool, or the bubbling surf pop of Fullbloods, this Saturday The Brick will be the place for you. The show starts at 10pm and will have a $5 cover.

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