Free Event Alert: Black metal documentary BLACKHEARTS screening


Ever since the mid-90s, Norway has been musically associated with black metal – the most controversial subgenre to emerge from heavy metal. Fraught with church burnings, murders and suicides and the ever-present Satan worship, it seems like the best place on Earth to start an evil rock and roll band, right?

Blackhearts is a documentary that focuses on three extreme black metal fans – from Iran, Greece and Colombia – and how their personal backgrounds in religion, ideologies and nationalism play into their love of this blackest of extreme metal genres. This isn’t your typical road trip film – some of these guys risk alienation and even death to be closer to the music they love and worship.

Blackhearts is having a free screening at Tapcade (1701 McGee St.) on Saturday, May 6th at 9 PM. Click here for more details.

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