The Foreign Resort, NITE, Redder Moon, Sinple @ recordBAR

The recordBar is back and in full swing. After taking a brief hiatus to change locations, the legendary venue has reopened, giving Kansas City some fantastic concerts. One of those concerts is happening this Thursday. Featuring The Foreign Resort, NITE, Redder Moon, and Sinple, the concert will be a night full of lush electronic music. Whether you’re into new wave, post-punk, dreampop, shoegaze, ambient, dark wave, no wave, grave wave, or any other wave you can think of, this show is a must attend.

Coming off their debut release, 0, Sinple has moved from conceptual drone to 90s influenced electronic pop. The band’s latest album, Adults, unfurls like M83 meets The Shins. Bouncing between all enveloping waves of synthy textures and quirkily off-kilter vocal melodies, Sinple’s music finds a way to gather these two aesthetics into something sharp catchy. Adults moves slowly through its rhythms, but even at its slowest, the album keeps the gaze centered–adding enough variance to their songs to keep things interesting. Their reworking of Bowie’s  ”I’m Afraid Americans” is, like most of the album, hauntingly soulful.


NITE makes unbelievably taut dream pop. While most of the genre swims in the aural soup of their music, the Dallas duo rigs angular arpeggios and slicked over melodies to their swelling rhythms. Simultaneously maximal and catchy, NITE is dance music that spins anthemic through the PA. The band collages electric and acoustic sounds to give their music a surprising depth–one that is a pleasure to get lost within, whether that is at home or in a venue. NITE will be an absolute treat to catch on stage. The duo packs their sets with a staggering amount of energy, which gives their music yet another hook to pull their listeners in.


Redder Moon ditches acoustic-like sounds for pounding beats and huge synth sounds. The result is music that simultaneously enfolds its listeners while giving them room to dance. Song after song, Redder Moon is able to find the perfect juxtaposition between melancholy and dance-fueled revelry, giving their songs an odd and dynamic energy. Large and incendiary, Redder Moon has the type of sound that remains timeless.

Ending the night will be The Foreign Resort. The Denmark band draws heavily from the dark pop of the 80s (Echo & The Bunny Men, The Cure, Cocteau Twins) without devolving into genre worship. The band’s crunched up guitars and ringing leads do well to create an aural space, one perfect for losing oneself in. With songs that constantly build, The Foreign Resort knows how to control their climactic climbs–perfectly pacing their music to eke the most drama from each individual note. With a stage show that physically embodies the ever-building nature of their music, the band will put on a show that will kick off the weekend right.

Wherever your tastes lie on the wave continuum, The Foreign Resort, NITE, Redder Moon, Sinple will put on a show that will impress. Come out this Thursday to see some great music played in an updated version of one of my favorite venues in the country.

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