The Fog, Youth Pool, and Friends @ Mills Record Company

Tomorrow, Shuttlecock Magazine and Mills Record Company will host the concert to start 2016. Ranging from basement punk to rap, from shoegaze to guitar pop, this in store will definitely warm up this cold January.

Killakee Kat makes some unforgiving punk. Sounding like a grimy version of The Locusts mixed with a quicker Menace Beach, Killakee Kat jumps from super distorted aural frenzies to grooving, hook filled melodies at the drop  of a hat. Killakee Kat is one of those bands that can  make even the most jaded person perk up and take notice of their music. Energetic and just shy of exploding, Killakee Kat will undoubtedly set the bar high for the night.


Aaron Alexander lounges on the other side of the musical spectrum. The Kansas City Kansas rapper’s flows are smooth even as they dance around the most disjointed samples. The rapper mixes references in his flows–from Basquiat to Jay-Z– to create a variegated lyrical tapestry. And this ability to jump between time and cultures gives Aaron Alexander and endless stream of material to riff on. When everyone is trying to recreate what propelled Kendrick Lamar to the top, Alexander moves in a different and more refreshing vein.

I discovered Youth Pool by happenstance, but since then the Kansas band has been on constant rotation. Sounding like a younger Wild Nothing and a more organic Washed Out, Youth Pool makes some of the dreamiest pop I’ve heard in a while. Hazy without being muddled, poppy without losing surprise, the quartet is  quickly becoming one of my favorite bands in the area and overall.


In a similar vein, Eric Griffin Jr. makes some wonderfully soothing pop. The solo artist layers dreamy tones and subtle rhythms with vocals that diffuse through the track in the best way. Eric Griffin Jr. sounds like Imogen Heap, Surfer Blood, and Best Coast wrapped into the same artist. In a word, Eric Griffin Jr. sounds like what being reincarnated as bedroom cassette player in the 80s feels like.


What can I say about The Fog that hasn’t been said before. The band mixes all the hazy fun of bands like Oils or Shy Boys and the jittering sheen of acts like UUVVWWZZ or the early recordings of the Faint. On stage, the band boasts an energy unlike any other–an energy that never obscures their complicated leads and rhythms. If you haven’ts seen these guys live then you’ve been missing what is undeniably the funnest time.

The show starts at 6pm and is all ages (and free!). Come out and see The Fog, Youth Pool, Eric Griffin Jr., Killakee Kat, and Aaron Alexander play what will be one of the best concerts of the year.

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