5 Guilty Pleasures – Brian Clifton

Let’s get down to it: I’m not always so hip with my music tastes. Sometimes, I just don’t want to think when I’m listening to music. We all do it (I hope). Anyway, here are some of my guilty music pleasures:

5) “Birthday Sex” -Jeremih: Listening to this while drunk rollerskating in Omaha was the apex of my life.


4) “Bite Down” -Boyz N Da Hood, Gorilla Zoe: I can’t lie, I’m still in the club (of loving this song and video).


3) “We Can’t Stop” -Miley Cyrus: I definitely can’t stop listening to this song. It’s so catchy.



2) “Yanni Depp” -The Chariot: Every now and then I need to get visceral. What better way than with some dirty mathcore and screaming?


1) Prefering silence to any song by The Beatles: Please don’t hurt me.bugs

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