The First Two Nights of Middle of The Map

So Middle of The Map has begun. Mills Record Company started the music portion of the multifaceted fest with Be/Non, Jorge Arana Trio, and Monta at Odds on Wednesday and kept the party going with Psychic Heat, The Conquerors, and Shy Boys last night.

MOTM - Monta at Odds Monta at Odds


Psychic HeatPsychic HeatThe ConquerorsThe Conquerors  Shy Boys

But Middle of The Map spilled all through the city. Whether L.A. Witch got you to bop along to their sludgy punk or Saharan Gazelle Boy floated you in their dreampop waves, Middle of the Map had a fantastic start. Fullbloods rocked Californo’s patio while Annie Ellicott unfurled her vocal powers inside. Here are some of our favorite moments from Wednesday.

LA Witch LA Witch Saharan Gazelle Boy Saharan Gazelle Boy

Annie Ellicott Annie Ellicott Atlas Cow Girls Trainset Fullbloods Fullbloods

And the train kept going into Thursday. Other than Psychic Heat, The Conquerors, and Shy Boys, we caught Your Friend., MY OH MY, La Sera, The Philistines, and so many more. One of my favorite performances was from Various Blonde. Groovy and heavy, the quartet spun out the weirdest dance music I’ve heard live in a minute. Seriously, if you missed these guys last night, then you should clear your calendar for their next performance.

Foxes in Fiction La Sera La Sera Migrant Kids Migrant Kids The Philistines The Philistines The Sluts The Sluts Various Blonde Various Blonde Various Blonde Your Friend. Your Friend.

My Oh My My Oh My

Check out our photo recap tomorrow!

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