Electronic New Years Eve

Yesterday, I wrote about where to be on New Years Eve if you like to rawk. Today, I want to talk about where to be if you want to get lost in electronic soundscapes. If you need to get in touch with your inner industrial/goth/all black all the time part of yourself, then Niche is the place to be. Located above the Uptown Arts Bar, Niche is carving out their spot in the experimental electronic scene with a fantastic sound system that can handle room shaking bass and earsplitting high-end.

Coming in from Denver, Trisicloplox will be headlining the event. Collaging together laid back funk with atmospheric textures, chopped and screwed samples, and dublike structures, the Denver electronic artist makes some songs that are bass heavy without crowding the dance floor with fist pumping bros. Trisicloplox is simultaneously mellow and incredibly taut–perfect for bringing in the new year.

One of the local musicians supporting Trisicloplox will be John E Wink. This Kansas City DJ builds beats always toward a future climax, which is to say his songs do well to constantly move forward without ever plateauing. Constantly pushing the heat in his monitors, John E Wink makes songs that are atmospheric and fuel for the night.

Also in support will be DJ Skurve. Colliding dubstep with EDM, DJ Skurve does well in the lower tempo ranges–keeping things frosty while the room gets comfortable. A steady house beat acts as the backbone of his arrangements, keeping the step in place for even the most self-conscious dancers. Slowly building his songs, DJ Skurve knows exactly how to sway a sound to create the most nuanced EDM.


Moving in the opposite direction as DJ SKurve is bilateralmotion. Taking the sounds of 90s techno and pushing them into the 21st century, bilateralmotion makes music that is hypnotic and dance-inducing. Repetition and layering give the electronic artist’s songs an interesting sense of juxtaposition. Constantly balancing on the edge between euphoria and panic, bilateralmotion will help us all dance in 2017.


Metaphysic Audio will round out the night. Taking a page from St Germain’s book, Metaphysic Audio collages jazzy samples to make music that is simultaneously laid back and incredibly complex. Hovering just between the points of dance floor burners and chilled out atmospheres, the Kansas City DJ does well to keep the energy of their songs at a consistent tempo–never heart attack fast and not glacially slow.

If you’re a fan of electronic music, dancing, or dark atmospheres, look no further than Niche’s New Years Eve event. Not only will the party feature great music by the aforementioned artists but also visuals by Noah Hogan. Truly New Years Eve at Niche will indulge every sense as 2016 weaves into 2017.

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