Early Entry For Video of the Year: Gunther’s “I’m Not Justin Bieber B**ch”

You may remember Swedish singer Gunther for his work with the Sunshine Girls and his novelty hits of the mid-00s. “Ding Dong Song,” “Teeni Weeni String Bikini” and “Tutti Frutti Summer Love” were just a few of the campy odes to frivolity that made Gunther and his backup singers tongue-in-cheek stars. In each Eurotrash track, Gunther waxes poetic about partying and women in laughably basic English. It was a formula that worked, and while completely vapid, it’s still better than the Hoff’s singing career.

Whether you were aware of him or not , Gunther is back (minus the revolving door of Sunshine Girls) with his latest single and video “I’m Not Justin Bieber Bitch.” Yes, you read that right. His new anti-Biebs rant marks a hard left turn for an artist that was schlocky but typically playful in his innuendos and broken syntax. The slick, house style club track features some golden lines like “I’m so fucking hot” and the aforementioned titular line, but the video itself is down right NSFW. It features a cadre of naked, submissive men being controlled by beautiful women as amped up club scenes fade in and out. All the while, Gunther tells us about his moves on a stripper pole and he appears to be caked in about ten layers of makeup. It has to be the most disturbing and hilarious thing I’ve seen yet this year.

(Note: I saw this over a month ago and tried to avoid blogging about it for this long, but alas Gunther has won me over again.)

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