Dwight Twilley To Enchant Mills Record Company on June 3rd

Dwight Twilley may in fact be the non-fictional version of Jareth. And I mean that in the best way possible. His latest release, Always, is full of moody pop-rock. His instrumentals are hazy and gestural–giving their listener just enough to hook them into their next riff. His lyrics paint surreal situations with an ease that is enviable. Always, as an album, shows a musician that has mastered the art of subtlety.

This feat is no small act. Twilley’s a music veteran–rising to prominence in the early 70s with his eponymous band. His singles “I’m on Fire” and “Girls” brought him national and international recognition. Twilley has been recording and touring as a solo act since–starting and running his own independent record label, Big Oak Records.

The years between Twilley’s beginning and now have only helped him improve and control the energy beneath his songs. As I stated before, Always is subtle. The opening track is a brooding foray into glam-pop. It has all the energy of “I’m on Fire” with more dimension. The song’s sonic spectrum stretches behind the tinny, distortion-clad aesthetic of Twilley’s previous releases. “Always” is clean and taut with an infectious melody and plumbing bass line.

This attention to detail stretches beyond Twilley’s recordings. His live performances have all the energy of The Rolling Stones and the intimacy of Rocky Votolato. His in store performance on June 3rd will be an acoustic set limited to 75 attendees, so it will be more intimate than the below video. That said, I feel like it’s impossible for Twilley to mute his energy.

Twilley will be playing his best work as well as never before heard songs. He also promises to sprinkle some storytelling between numbers. And a quick perusal of videos of his live performances all but prove Twilley has some stories to tell. Definitely an artist who has seen things throughout his course in the music industry, Twilley can intrigue whether he is singing, playing, or recounting a story.

But below his moody intrigue, Twilley writes songs that are fun. Even at his most pained (think “‘Til the Jukebox Dies” or “Everybody’s Crazy” from Always), there’s a childlike sense of adventure in his music. The concluding track of Always, “Tomorrow,” shows this part of his aesthetic most. Its groovy rhythms and bouncing vocal melodies come together to make a song that is perfect for a summer adventure.

And he brings this sense of adventure to the foreground in his live performances. Not an act to miss, Dwight Twilley’s performance at Mills Record Company will be limited to 75 attendees, so be sure to stop by before June 3rd to pick up a ticket–$9 each. The concert starts at 8pm and is sure to be a one in a million night.

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